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do u guys prefer runescape or world of world craft? WOW costs a lot of money! but RS has a F2P and a P2P. but WOW only has P2P. its kinda dumb cuz i dont know if WOW is any good cuz i cant play without pating 4 it... Wink
World of Warcraft is way cooler than Runescape... it's an addictive game... the only bad thing is the monthly payment Sad( but it worth it Wink
Hi I like COD4 Smile
I had tried the WOW before, but it seem too complicate to control the role, I like the RO, it is simple
Wow is the best one. I know that it cost a lot of money, but I don't think it is expensive. You got a really good suport and the games master are always chaging the dameges done by each class of player, the experience gained and a lot of other thing to make a really more equilibrated game.
All the class and races are strong in your own way and the thing is always changing.

Other good one is that the game mode and objectives changes however you play the game and your caracter gets strong. When your carater is level 1 is play a diferent game than when you are level 10, 20, 40, 70 and etc...

And you cant play world of war craft without paying for it, but hasn't the same way of suport.
I like COD4 too Smile
WOW is hot in my area, but I do not like ot even play it, lol
i would rather spend time reading news or books on my computer.
I've played a couple(3) of different MMO's over the past few years, and WoW really didn't wow me, if you'll pardon the terrible pun. It seemed very standard: standard fantasy mish-mash, standard graphics, not too stellar character creation, etc. The MMO that really had me hooked for two years was CoH--City of Heroes. In it you assume the role of your own superhero, or Villain in CoV. It involved a lot more custom character creation, had more diverse environments and enemies(you could fight ex-nazis, gangsters, or werewolves in city streets, dark caves, or open landscape parks), and it costs the same as WoW. Plus, playing an MMO where you can get flight by level 12 and spend hours flying high above your fellow players is just plain cool!

The runner-up to CoH in my book is Guild Wars. It is a typical fantasy RPG with a little more emphasis on your personal impact to the story and IT HAS NO MONTHLY FEE!!! the graphics are better IMO than WoW, and there are three expansions out there really explode the amount of content from the original game.
Is there anyone who knows Knights Online? 'Cause i don't really know how it works. Confused
Its just like WoW but then its free and some more worlds.
we've got a special forum for games
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