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No education

I am not going in scool and cant find a jobb, Im just 17.
But anyway do u guys think that its hard to provide yourself whit out a education?
Honestly education isn't really that important if you don't work in a "corporate environment" If you have excellent charisma and charm you will succeed especially in sales. You will also on average not make as much as a college graduates but in a economy we are in right now... will depend on what exactly what job you want to persue? College graduates generally have better skills in time management, better analysis skills, and academically diverse experience which make further learning easier and therefore smarter than someone who has no interest in higher education. As a college graduate however I can say you lose about 90 percent of whatever you learned in college as you lose it from not using it. :twisted:
Well I'm only 15, I go to School but I think it's up to you. what do you want to be.

If you want to be a scientist or a teacher you should go to school but if you want to work in the trade industry, Woodwork or Metalwork, buy all means drop out of school, save the school fees for something else!
Do you have a high school diploma? 'Cause you really won't get anywhere without that. It's just standard. I don't think it's because of the knowledge, though. I think it's because it implies that the person is teachable and able to complete something. And really, with so many graduates (high school and post secondary) looking for work, why would any company hire someone without it.

But really, it depends on your local economy. If you're in a big capital city, you may be okay. But if you come from a university town with a huge suburban culture, you're probably toast. Most of those people are pressured by their parents to finish high school and go to university, which makes hiring a non-graduate more unlikely for businesses.

So really, investigate and make a decision. And don't be picky about the work you get... because at 17 there are a ton of options.
I think that you should get a education to be safe even if currently you don't plan on doing much with your life/carrier. What have you got to lose? School fees? School fees are nothing were I come from compared to the gain you get from being qualified.

You never know you might want to be a chef, mechanic or other skilled tradesman, and to become those you often need skills and bits of paper (saying you've completed courses) that you do in later years of college. To do those same courses at polytechnic (where I come from aka. institute of technology) is often a lot more expensive and difficult.

You've got nothing to lose by up-skilling yourself now.

In answer to your actual question, yes, I do think it's hard in a world were robots can do most mindless jobs, to provide without an education and a particular skill in one area (just cause you'll never be a scientist doesn't mean you can't lean to do things most scientists can't, such as being a electrician).
Getting a better education gives you a wider range of jobs to choose from, but sometimes you can be too educated for a job. I remember being turned down as a Mathematics teacher for young children because I was overqualified - they suggested that I would not want to stay very long because I would be looking for a better job.
If you are happy being uneducated and you don't mind working in McDonalds or working as a street cleaner then there is no need to get a college education. Anyway, apart from getting the first job, your qualifications are pretty irrelevant. If you can get in at the bottom you can always work your way up if you show dedication - employers are far more interested in experience than qualifications.
You'll never be a doctor, dentist, scientist, economist or lawyer though...
The problem if you don't have education is that there are plenty of job that you cannot even apply to.
Maybe you could do a good job in many positions but you wil not go through the first selection anyway because of the education.
Once you have a job experience the education is less relevant but it is important at start.
Most of the people who had the possibility to get a higher education and didn't take it regret it later.
So if it is possible, get more education and if not try to get a simple job and do some extra learning at the same time.
The way I see it is this

Does education really make people more qualified job candidates? Not necessarily, because it all depends on the individual and the target job.

Do many professional HR departments believe that graduates tend to be better qualified? Yes.

That's good enough for me.
I would have to say it all comes down to what you wanna do.
Alot of things require a Collage Education but You can still live without it.
An important thing to remember is too stay strong and stay postive! Idea
kewiin wrote:
I am not going in scool and cant find a jobb, Im just 17.
But anyway do u guys think that its hard to provide yourself whit out a education?

Without education... have you seen "Good Will Hunting"? That guy didn't have any degree but he was educated...
So let's think about your question... without education...
I will tell you something similar to your avatar (a guy with two guns): without education wars can be possible; without education maybe you didn't have the electrical power, without education maybe you didn't know that the Earth is a sphere, without education maybe your life never existed - as a resut of some great plague few hundred years before...

So, you are 17 and you are thinking to survive without education?
Or you are 17 and don't have yet some degree??

For the first question, I think the answer is NO WAY!
For the second question, a good answer is: you have plenty of time to get one...

I personally skipped some school and I feel terrible... I really think to start again... I am 30, you are 17. You have 13 years more to get at my age... and maybe to have a lot of diplomas: this mean a better salary, of course. :p
It depends on your personality. You can try going into sales. That doesn't provide an education, you just need to have the right personality. You can also try going into food service or retail. Those are jobs that require no education. However, I would personally try and get an education. Your opportunities will expand.
Thank u guys.
I found a job now. Its not the best one and not that good paychecks but i love it!
My jobb is Telemarketing. Its not that hard but not as funny as u may think ^^
But i love it
is telemarketing like sales on the telephone side? congratulations! A job is a good one for you as long as you can live on that and have fun in doing it.
Yeha i lova my jobb right now Smile
stay in school or learn the hard way. My 2 cents Wink
i live in India. in India it is very important for everyone to education. because without it people will treat you illiterate. so it is must in India
Education is not something you get from others. No one really can teach or tell you anything, and when then do it comes off in a sort of patronizing way (you know the voice, that one your parents put on when they try to teach you how to make them a good cup of tea).

Really all learning is done on your own account, It depends on what you want to know. These days you just google it (which is really good in most ways) or check it out on
here in hawaii, people usually quit education and go for hotel management, its huge here since tourism is our main income. GM's and othe Managers usualy dont have a good background of school anyway, They work themselves up to be a manager.
There are many ways to live without having education but still you have to be a smart guy and to have some luck from time to time. Investing in your education can be also a smart choice if you wnat a career but no one who has a lot of money did not do that from a day to day job but trough speculations and smart choices
Glad you got a job and you're enjoying it. Have you thought about your next step? or do you intend to be a telemarketeer for the rest of your life?
There are plenty of people who are successful but don't have a formal education. Hell, even people with degrees and education don't always necessarily use that degree to get a job they want. There are plenty of jobs for people who don't have an education.

That is not to say, of course, that you shouldn't get an education. Your chances of getting a better paying job rises with the amount of education you have.
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