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(legal)RPG Maker XP

I'm sorta excited that I finally can have a legal RPG Maker on my computer(even if I don't even like it).
I can't wait ^-^ sorta(I already have the illgeal translated on my comp anyways XD)
Anyone intersted in RMXP when it comes out legally in english?
been using their stuff since RPGmaker 95,

i dunno how i feel about it, there are much better engines in production and they have been ****** the community around for so long about english verisons and "illegal" translations... when at one point they specificly said they had no plans to bring it out in english. (rpgmaker 2000)

on the other hand im glad to see it in english and tempted by it as it does look like they have put some effort into this one, guess it depends on its price tag. counting down the days but dont know if it will be worth it.

but it looks so nice, and they got rid of a lot of the stuff that bugged me >_>

stupid tempting software >_>
Every game produced with one of the RPG maker tools ends up the same as the last. Still RGPMXP has ruby so that looks alright. I would say that it will probebly be ~$100.
I don't think its gonna be a dime.Why do I say this?
For one RMXP wasn't much greater than RM2K3 and most people perfer RM2K3 anyways.
Second it's on've never payed for something on
Third most of its audince already probably has the cracked version or bought it and used RPG Advocates Patch anyways.
I've never really found RPG Making games that good. I guess it's a good way to learn the concepts of RPGs and how they do triggers and such, but I've never found a 'created' RPG that's had much depth or longetivity.
Still a good bit of fun for a day or two though
I have been looking 4 this, it took me ages, i should have just checked here Very Happy
RPG Maker XP is a great program, but it's hard now to find good quality sprites. The ones it comes with shot up the standard for graphics. Great program, though.
what do you mean about this? it available to be downloaded?... Very Happy
I have tried RMXP once and I think it's a really cool program... I just hope they won't charge $100 for it when it's released...
Well I will use RPG Maker XP test my computer.Thx Smile
The price for RPGMaker XP is about $60.00 (I believe it's US) and it's sold through
Skyte Resengard
I love RMXP. Is anyone signed-up on ? I love that site.
Cool a legal version, course I already have the legal version with the translation patch.
Alive RPG Maker sites scare me >.>
plus I'm more of a fan of RM2K3

but really Mista is that 100% right?
screw that I'm keeping my hacked version >.>
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