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San Diego vs. New England; Green Bay vs. New York

Some very interesting playoff games this past Sunday. However, we now have two games on Sunday the 20th to determine who will be in the SuperBowl. So, who will make it?

Obviously, I'm going to have to go with New England in the AFC Division. I think I would be foolish to go against them...especially since they are against San Diego.

New York vs. Green Bay will be a little more difficult to predict. This game will be played at Green Bay, so obviously this favors the Packers. However, New York has been playing very good football as of late, and I wouldn't be surprised to see New York win another game on the road.

I would like Green Bay to win, and I think it will be a close game, but Green Bay will end up getting the victory when all is said and done. This will set up New England vs. Green Bay in what should be a pretty decent game.

What does everyone else think?
Im very upset that the Cowboys lost to the Giants Sad

and i really dont like any team left, with the exception of the Chargers

But i think New England will account for them pretty easily but i think the Giants will beat Green Bay, to set up a NY v NE superbowl
Pats are just too good this season. I thought that the colts had a defense that fit well against the Pats and the offense to score on them. I think if LT plays the game of his life (which he hasn't in the playoffs much and hasn't against Pats), the Chargers could win. Also Brady needs to be less than perfect. San Diego defense has produced the most turnovers this season so they if they produce a couple turnovers and LT runs for two or three TDs, San Diego has a chance.

New York Giants have overachieved slightly this season as opposed to underachieving previous years. They are a good team. They have a good offense when Eli is playing well and he is now. They have a very good defense and can get pressure on the quarterback. Favre is known for sometimes trying to do too much with the ball under pressure and getting intercepted because of it.

Thats why the giants MIGHT win.

But Packers are good. Favre is good. They have a running game now and their defense is good. Pack 27-20
If LT has the game of his life AND Phillip Rivers can play with his injury and play well AND their all world tight end Antonio Gates can play through his injury and play well AND their defense keeps getting turnovers, THEN the Chargers MIGHT be able to win. They look pretty banged up though, and against NE you want everyone of your starters to be healthy....looks like bad luck for the Chargers because believe it or not, I think that if they were healthy they would give NE the toughest game of the year.

On the other side, I just can't see NY beating Green Bay either. Not going to say it would never happen, but I just think Green Bay is better, and will win the game. That will set up what the media is hoping for, a Brady vs. Farve Superbowl.
The high temperature in Green Bay is not expected to reach Brett Favre's jersey number! I can't wait to watch it.
well at the end of it all, i was rather pissed. i had no care for who won the GB v NY game. But it was a hell of a game. close all the way to the end. could have been over a lot faster than it was if tynes could kick the ball. he did redeem himself however in OT with the longest postseason field goal at lambeau by a visiting team. one hell of a boot

what pissed me off was the patriots winning. i live in new england and i just cant stand em. brady is a pansy and cant fight himself out of a wet paper bag. and the fact that over the last few weeks they have BARELY beat teams rather easily. especially this week facing a banged up chargers offense their defense didnt do all that much.

hopefully the ref's dont screw over the giants again as they did in their meeting a few weeks back.

Yeah. I have to say I am a little surprised by the Green Bay/New York game. I thought for sure GB would pull through in the end, especially since it was probably going to be up to the kicker. I know for sure New York missed 2 FGs, but the kicker ended up coming through with the game winning kick in overtime. Very good game and very enjoyable to watch (unless you're a GB fan).

As far as San Diego/New England, well, it was kind of obvious who the winner of this was going to be. Sure there are always upsets, but I just didn't see the Pats going down to the Bolts.

This sets up New York/New England for the SuperBowl. As far as ratings and popularity goes, this will be a huge SuperBowl. Both states are rather large with alot of people who will no doubt be supporting their team. Also, alot of interest is sparked by the fact that the Pats are still undefeated. I know alot of people will tune in just to see if they can go 19-0.

However, as far as the game goes, I think it will be rather uneventful and one-sided. Sure New York almost beat New England during week 17 (I think it was week 17), but that is irrelevant. This is the SuperBowl, not week 17. New England is undefeated for a reason. They have learned from their mistakes and they will be able to detect and fix those mistakes they made the first time against New York.

Result -- New England = 38; New York = 16

I really would like to see New York win though. I'm tired of New England and would looove to see the look on Brady's face after losing the game at the last second. Oh how sweet would that be?
I'm on the Eli bandwagon until the end of the superbowl. I don't care for him, but I dislike the patriots enough to join the Giant's camp.
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