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windows vista x86 vs x64

now i was thinking to change to x64. but i don't know if that x64 is good better...
any ideas?? should i change?
with 64bit processor is 64bit system better then 32bit
you could have serious problems with device drivers. Windows must have layer for 32bit and many of dlls must be both 64bit and 32bit for unsupported apps so more RAM is required.

If you have supported hardware, if you want to play with Word and Excel it is the best solution for you. Very Happy
With 64 bit you are not limited to 4 GB of ram like 32 bit is and can go up to 8 GB of ram. Benchmarks have shown the 64 bit version of Vista to be a bit faster compared to the 32 when run on identical systems. 64 bit also has better security.

One problem with 64 bit is finding drivers.

You should read this article to learn more:
thank to you all. i already change to vista x64 and it was fast. and driver was not the problem. i believe now those branded hardware will always keep update their hardware driver. and windows vista also have integrated driver. anyway, thanks.
I don't recommend you to upgrade to x64 version. It may happen to you that some applications won't work, especially the older one, because some companies haven't upgraded their products yet. You may have problems with some drivers as well.
ok, as i said, the driver work fine, perfect. until now, just those software older than 2000 doesn't work in my pc. some even work like charm. i have to say, if you have a good pc, why not try x64? and also the virus is not working in my x64 so far. for your information, sometime i love to see what inside virus. i like decode those virus. it just don't work with x64.
just use x86 as there ain't many softwares out there for 64 bits, and if you don't use the functionality of 64 bits, then what's the point of using 64bits OS?
so stick to x86 is my suggestion unless you have any special reason for using 64bits.
On 32 bit you can use max 3.25 gb memory of 4gb...
cvkien wrote:
now i was thinking to change to x64. but i don't know if that x64 is good better...
any ideas?? should i change?

Unless you have a specific reason to use the 64 bit version (more than 4GB ram being the only common reason) using the 32 bit version is probably best because of better device driver support and better program support.
i found out that with all of the higher bits then 32bit that i cant run 3/4 of all my DJ programs and stuff like that and there really not that special of anything
is that really so?
but i heard many games and softwares wont work on 64.
can you plz tell us more as to the softwares you installed and your hardware?
thanks so much. if 64bit is convenient, i of course will change to it.
i'm using pentium D 3.0, asus p5nd2 sli motherboard,
3gb ram, 200dg harddisk, asus nforce 7200le.
i think nowadays those game developers will consider x64 technology when they develop those games and software.
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