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Network user login to use internet (how to)??

i have a question, i have broadband and i was wondering if i can use any software or any sources to create my own web based internet authentication, which mean i allow the user to login when they start their browser by direct them to a login page.

how can i do that?? any coding?
I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve or even why you'd need that - do you have a network for hundreds of users or something? Please give us more details so we can help. Thanks.
I'd never done it but proxy servers are the place you want to start looking for something like this. Perhaps have a look at Squid Cache - it's a Open Source and Free to use. Their wiki and specialised forums will give you much more info than I can but the basic idea is:

1.) Set up squid as a proxy server.
2.) Configure your router so that it only allows web connections from the proxy.
3.) Now, everyone who wants to use normal internet will need a login for the proxy. If they don't have a login then they can be redirected to a HTML page hosted on the proxy server which will allow them to create an account.
4.) You can probably get your router to forward anything going to the internet (other than the proxy server) to the proxy server so regardless of what they type in the address bar they will always be prompted to login.

Note that your router can be the same machine as your proxy server.
oh, i have thinking of proxy too but i just not sure about it. thanks to you so much. that is enough for me because before this i was blur how i want to do that, even i know but i'm not sure about it. thank.
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