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Critical Mass Minneapolis

The police started to arrest

The people asked "whats the charge"

The police like pepper

Get more of this guy here

Pepper spray! That sounds delicious.

I couldn't see very well after her

Stuck in the end of a traffic jam, never a good place to be.

Last photo i took that day.

I was maced, tased, smashed against the street, and arrested. Never did i resist, the electric shock of being tased made my mussels twitch wile i was on the ground, and they used that as an excuse to use excessive force. See you in court.[/img][/url]
I must say, that video was very appalling. She didn't resist, and they are breaking the law. I agree with you, they should be taken to court.
Wow...just, wow...
I think that to be there is a terrible situation , and to watch the helpless people is more terrible without moving to help for them Sad
That situation called for traffic tickets, not arrests.
The police definitely went overboard (unless the group of bikers was more violent than shown in these pictures), but they had a point.
The reason the police were so heavy handed was because that weekend was also host to the pReNC, a gathering of anarchist / anti-authoritarians to organize and stratigize for direct actions and demonstrations during republican national convention in Sept 1st - 4th 2008.
They have now offered me a plea bargon that states i can't be in the Twin Cities for a year. It is a transparent attempt to keep me from the protests. Interesting they see me as that much of a threat. Anyways, im not going to take it

If you want to know more about what happened and why read the article below.

"As Sgt. Ed Nelson of the Minneapolis Police Department approached his officers on La Salle Avenue, the looming 25-year veteran of the force appeared calm and unruffled, though there was no mistaking the urgency in his hurried gait.
Nearly 50 patrol units from multiple agencies had responded to an MPD officer's call for help earlier on that August 31 evening, and a group of police now stood near the corner of 15th and La Salle awaiting Nelson's orders. His composed demeanor did little to mask the zeal in his voice.
"Drive down Nicollet," Nelson barked sternly, his hands on his hips. "Herd the ****** down this way. Any blocking of traffic, any blocking of anything, arrest them."
Paula Hare, a transgender veterans' activist who lives nearby, caught this exchange on tape. The "******" Nelson referred to were participating in Critical Mass, a monthly event in which bicyclists take to the road en masse to assert their "right to the road" and discourage reliance on gas-dependent vehicles. Previous rallies had unfolded peacefully.
Not this time."

"Video footage captures police unleashing pepper spray into the faces of baffled bystanders. Witnesses say nonresistant cyclists were continually Tasered and Maced even after they were pinned to the pavement."
Wow that is so irresponsible from the police! They sure were doing against the law and you bicyclists weren't doing anything wrong or against the law! As said, see them on court Smile
Like Joshumu said they were trying tactics and preparing for the Republican National Convention in 2008 and in MN we don't have much going on as far as big action so there skills are rusty.

I remember this on the news since I live about 10 or so minutes from Minneapolis and I was amazed with the excessive force and use of pepper spray and such.

Joshumu you were part of that bike event?
Given that i took thoes photos, i would say yes. And arrested.
I think that these photographs are no needed to be argued , These are definitely belonging to the events of arrests Cool
joshumu wrote:
Given that i took thoes photos, i would say yes. And arrested.

I wasn't sure if you were somebody in the sidewalk or something but I should have figured since they don't want you to come back to MN.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul cops have been on the news a few times recently about overforce and stuff so they are not the best. Sad
Yea i just heard that a guy died when the police tased him. It didnt say much on why other then he wasnt cooperating. Being tased can stop your heart. What else have you heard about the mpls PD?
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