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marriage & love

marriage kills love ?
 16%  [ 2 ]
 83%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 12

Do you think marriage kills love ? I hear many things about marriage & love from my around at the last days.The best threatening conversation was about marriage kills love so far.I think marriage with the right person will increase love.

I have no girl friend,but I don't want to think that marriage kills love for the time being.This is very terrible for me Confused

What do you think about it ?

I would say, if it is a true love, then marriage will double it at least (if not multiply it Smile )
What's marriage? that's the question to be asked. I know it differs according to the country, religion and traditions. But in all cases it has certain features that are shared everywhere. Marriage is a relation created between a man and woman which is accepted in any religion and country and among any tradition thus some religions consider marriage is the only solution to make a sexual relation with another (this is not including same sex marriage) and it is meant to last ever after. A man and a woman who accept to marry a man or a woman and spend the rest of their lives together should (or may I say must) love the other.

Yes, every life has its ups and downs and in some cases one of them finds things that s/he wasn't expecting in his/her partner that may make him/her think again about this marriage and the love s/he had before. But in other situations and cases, love can be the motivative to handle the partner of life and try to pass things so the boat won't sink with both of them. This requires respect and perception and passing things by to keep going. Not every couple are capable of this of course and this is the main reason why some marriages fail and never last. Some people get divorced though they still love each other deeply... but life together can not go any further.

Don't be affraid of marriage, good things happen as well as bad things. Try to accept things, you won't find the perfect love, perfect wife (girlfriend) or perfect life to live.
marriage is a commitment.... so the answer is yes and no. If your love has no commitment, then yes, marriage will be a suicide to your love
People kill love, and it doesn't depend on marital status.

Married people could maintain their love, but it's a everyday thing, maybe that's the hardest part, overcoming routine.
I don't think it's marriage itself that kills love.

If you think about it, a lot of relationships end when people start living together, because they realize that they just aren't compatible. Sometimes it's the little tweaks, like how the other person doesn't put the lid back on the toothpaste, or stupid things like that.

It's really just a huge level of commitment. A lot of things change when you have another person to worry about every day. You have to be considerate of the other persons habits, while not entirely giving up your own to accomodate them. I think some people just don't realize that things don't stay the same way when you get married.

I know I learned the hard way. But then, everything worked out well so far, just got through our second year. Smile but it really did take a good amount of work at the beginning, just getting used to being around each other so much. There were fights, and I don't think its a bad thing that there were. If a couple says they have never fought then there must be something wrong, or they are just plain lying. Wink

But I know that it's not a love killer. If your love can't survive marriage, then maybe you didn't really love the person well enough. *shrugs*
If anyone thinks that Marraige kills love then they should not get marry first of all.Love is a thing that should remain forever consistently.Its sweetness should never end.If Marraige kills love is true then its like we r in love just to satisfy our desire for time being.I have seen some couples after love marraige
leaving unhappy life.This means they went some where wrong in choosing their partner.Love should never end between the two.
If you are planning to stay together the rest of the life, a marriage won't kill the love.

If you don't know if you want to be with this man/woman, and feel pressured to get married (and isn't man/woman enough to say no), the marriage will be choking you and your love (if there ever was love).
Marriage doesn't kill love. People will marry because they love eachother. It is a prove of their love but it is also a commitment. If your love isn't true enough (or true at all) it will kill it. However, I take it everyone's love is true so marriage doesn't kill love at all.
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