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Free Lancing

Can anyone explain how to start a career in Free Lancing?? Question
Freelance what?

Photography? Private Investigator? Webs Designer? Some cunning combination of all three? Wink
AftershockVibe wrote:
Freelance what?

Photography? Private Investigator? Webs Designer? Some cunning combination of all three? Wink

A private investigator who has really artsy and very well taken candid shots, and has a website that manages to be functional, beautiful and excellent at getting PI work.

I like it. Freelance in that and you'll be waist deep in money in NO TIME!
well web development./... Razz : Very Happy
ow, dean had me all excited with his idea... Rolling Eyes
Well, first create a great website than you can show off to prospective clients. You have to give them a reason to choose you over anyone else. The web allows you to showcase your talents. Then you need to approach some small companies (the pizza place next door, the automobile shop just down the road) and offer to build them a decent website for a very low price. The first client is the hardest one to get. Good luck!
In my experience, the freelance job is introduced by friends.
I did a little bit of freelancing while in college...

My first client had absolutely no money, but he had a refrigerator full of food. So, he asked if I would help him troubleshoot some things on his computer and, in return, I got to stay for dinner. Being a poor college student at the time, the first thought on my mind was "Heck yeah! free food!" but it turns out I got a great refference from him and, even though it didn't fatten my wallet (might've done a number on my love handles though...) my resume' now has some oomph behind it. ^_^

... i'm not saying work for food. i'm saying start small and build from there. Friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers at a day job, small businesses, etc can get your foot in the door.
i agree with Davidgr1200.First create your own website with excellent features which are based on latest technologies.Become famous with your site so that you can show to your clients ,what you can do and how capable are you.You will have to wait for few days but you will surely get good clients.
Please tell me how do i start Freelancing.

I am kickbutt programmer with expertise in creating/developing and maintaining web sites.
My Technical expertise lies in the following area.

java, jsp, servlets
Html, xml, javascript and many more......
I am also interested in those freelancing jobs. I have some html php etc abilities and am actually creating and mantaining a webpage. I have seen some sites where freelance job is offered, like a code market, clients post projects and freelancers post their bids. I seemed interesting to me, so I dont really think that it is necesary to go to the next door pizza shop to offer your work, maybe it is preferable no to move from the computer at your desk.
I think most people who start something as a freelancer already have a database of (potential) clients. In most situation you can't expect loads of people will contact you for jobs if you just started.
You need to advertise your name, and obvioulsy you have to prove you can deliver quality work.

Most people first work for a bigger company to learn everything you need in the business. Most of the time, you will get pretty good contact with some of your clients. Its better to do it this way, since you can "steal" customers (you have the clients contacts, and if they are happy about your results, and you offer the same product for the same price, they might switch to you).

Good luck! The freelance life is busy, but beautifull...
To start a career in freelance is not a regular plan on my schedule, I have to say, lol. It appears to me that freelance is quite a struggling job that requires a variety of social network connections to make sure I will not be unemployed the day after tomorrow, while I'm fighting to finish my job on due tomorrow. It really depends on the personality of you, in which you want a more adventurous career life and to achieve unique fame and reputation in the specific area you want to fit it, or you want a steady career to help you live a smooth but fantastic also life. It's upon to you.
I find freelancing very hard. One day I am busy like crazy the next day I don't have any work. Unfortunately, because I am so desperate for work I can not be so picky about the pay. I am still hoping that one day it will mushroom, but it hasn't happened yet.
Well freelancing basically means you work for yourself, but your not an entrepreneur. So, first if you want to become a freelance you should first start to build your clientale, usually starting out with friends, family, etc. Then they recommend you to others, while also building your experience.

Then you can either join online ocmmunities to help get started or rely on recommendations.

Its not too hard really since theres literally millions of things that need to be done, as long as you meet the requirements.

Also, you may find your first few jobs not to big on bringing in the dough.

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