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lucky number

I fisrtly want to tell you my lucky number that's "5" Very Happy I usually don't believe luck of the numbers.But my lucky number was sometimes useful to direct in my life.I had learned my lucky number first time in an astrology magazine.It was "5" as to my birth date.I had been interested in lucky numbers after I read the article that was about lucky numbers in magazine.I have searched many sources that is about this subject especially from net.It was generally not same with my first lucky number.It was sometime 6 , it was sometime 3 Smile

I think that there is no consistent source to find lucky numbers.My lucky number is even variable , even I usually don't believe that, It is "5" for me.Because it was my first lucky number that I learned from a publication.I have tried it a few times as lucky number,so I might say it was helpful %30 in my life according to my experiences.

Once, I have got a lottery ticket as to it's last number(5) and I won a little prize as to last 4 numbers of the lottery ticket.I don't remember the last 4 numbers of the lottery ticket.But I am sure that the last number of the lottery ticket was "5".If somebody ask me my lucky number , I tell her/him it is "5".

What about you ? Do you have a lucky number or do you believe that ?
I had to tell my lucky number once when I bought a lottery ticked for 2 friends (I did something wrong) I said 7 but then they won half the money the ticket cost me Sad So my lucky number now is not 7. I still don't have a lucky number but I already know it's not 7.

BTW I later found out that the winner of 20 million bought his ticked 1 day after me Neutral
I don't have any lucky number and I have never thought of any number. But today I see this topic and know your lucky number story. I also like a lucky number! Wink I think I should have a lucky number for myself Exclamation And I will find "him" as soon as possible!
Seventy-two just keeps poping up!
16 , its my birthday, and i usually pick it for anything involving numbers. And usually they show up Razz
13.... It started mostly to make fun of superstition, but now i've become quite attached to it Smile
2 and 3 Smile

2 because i have 2 pc's and im a twin Razz
and it's my history grade or sumting
Err.. I lost my lucky number, can I borrow yours? Thats gonna be my new line rofl, but seriously? I don't have a lucky number, and don't know where to obtain one, and please dont say ebay, I already searched there.
Lucky numbers = complete BS. No logical basis for them.

That said, whenever anybody asks me I just say 1. Or something large, like 30753. How many people have lucky numbers greater than a thousand? Or decimals. Or irrational numbers. Or (just about anything that isn't simple integer between 1 and 30).
no idea why but I've always liked a factor of 4

I like 4 because it is the only number that.........

can't explain. too much detail

2 + 2 = 4
2 x 2 = 4
I never had any luck with any number. I did win a small lottery with number 13, though...
20 and 26 my best & lucky number 26 is my birthday and 20 my girlfriend bday this to number combinations got win in lotto draw..
I want to pick as my lucky number, the first one that's not interesting because it's the first of some kind, or the only one of some kind. It appears to me that all numbers up to 22 are pretty interesting, because they are special in some way. So 23, the first uninteresting number, is my lucky number. That's pretty interesting, don't you think?
My lucky number is 2 because i was born on February 2nd (2/2). I can't remember if it has ever brought me good luck but its never done me wrong.
I think mine's 4.
42, man. Let me say that again: Forty-two. Has a lovely way of rolling about the tongue in a fanciful fashion, now doesn't it?
my luky number is 635 as that is the ticket number I had in My works free christmass raffle and I won a brand new 15" TV DVD COMBI.
3 and 8.
Dont realy know why
as a kid i used to do things in 3's
all sorts of stuff
never found out why
then 7 crept up from somewhere
to be honest, never had a lucky 7 tho
i do like 13 mind you
but that's just me being controversial

I'll have to go with Nameless on that one. I tend to feel a certain hate towards all that is considered "esoteric" (and that I consider crap).

Really, the only think we can rely on to analyse and live with this world around us is our senses. I can see something, I can feel something else, I can study science and learn, through experiences, how things work.

Lucky numbers, a bit like God or Santa Claus, should be, in my humble opinion, no more than a funny thing kids could believe in for a while, before getting to realise the absurdity of having your life based on beliefs, things you can't prove (or of which you can prove the absurdity).
Like the chinese, number 8 brings me luck. I have won quite a bit of money with number 8 on the 60 second lottery in the bookies.
when something good happens on a day then that is my lucky number
I believe 7 is my lucky number. It's keep popping up in my life...or maybe it's the opposite,, and maybe 7 is my bad number...... But 7 do play a role in my life...

And 13.... somehow 13 related to my family life...
7 i think, but i dont know why?
i really don't have a lucky number
luck doesn't usually come my way
hahah! if i tell you my lucky number... will it still be lucky??

i mean... if i am going to win the lottery from chose that number, will i still win?? what is more, if i gave that to you here in public world forum, will many people use it also and then i will win fewer money? i believe from logic that this is true. and so, the luck is secret hahahahah!

but if you care to know, i dont believe in that lucky number. i dont believe in luck Wink

cool reply is this? i thought it was!
i do have my own luck number which is "28" stands for my birthdate. Its very lucky that when a have a ticket for a last two digits within the week of my birthday, i bet on number 28 or 82 which is the reverse of it, it usually win the lottery. But its within the i can't consider it as lucky as it is...once in a month chance though...but its enough to prove that i have a lucky number....also my crush's birthdate is on 28 too...making it more
I don't have a lucky number. I agree that it's completely bs because it doesn't make sense. I like the number 7 though, but it's not a lucky number.
i found this at one the sites... you can also try findingw hich is yours

website name :
It is the number of Uranus and represents inventiveness, originality, tolerance and genius. The number 4 person is highly unconventional and is often misunderstood by friends and family. Highly intelligent, systematic and methodical, they have brilliant academic records. Highly observant, keen and quick to learn, they are efficient workers and always do well in life.

Highly individualistic, this number is an enigma. Number 4 people always seems to find a different way to live, and are successful more often than not. They march to their own drumbeat and love to shock others. They rarely care about public opinion & like to live and let live. They certainly live the way they like.

But, unfortunately they can be very pessimistic and need constant reassurance from people around them. Friendship is vital to their well-being, and they are extremely loyal and steadfast. They must learn to overcome feelings of inadequacy and have faith in themselves as they have the tendency to let good opportunities slip by die to their lack of confidence.

Compatible numbers - 1, 4, 8
Lucky gems - Aquamarine
Lucky colors - light blue, white
my lucky numer is seven, always been.
My lucky nummer is 8, it's also my birthday

888888 --> give me some luck Laughing
4, although I don't think it's that lucky... I just like it!
my lucky numbers are seven, two, and nine. But mostly seven because that's my birth month and my mom's and my dad's.
Up till now, I don't have a lucky number. Crying or Very sad
my number is 36
mine is 1. My Sifu Told me ^^
I don't have a lucky number. I don't believe in lucky numbers.

Working hard is a better solution.
I don't know about lucky, but 1 and 3 show up a lot. I was born on the 13th of June. I often get randomly assigned numbers (school IDs, clock-in numbers at work) like 101, 1133, etc.
My lucky number is 3.14, guess why.
I got too many conceidence with number 17, so I think that is my lucky number.
I don’t have a lucky number and I don’t believe in it. When somebody asks me what is my lucky number I rather think of what number I like… And it’s usually one of the numbers from my date of birth.
My lucky number is number seven. wohoo.. Anyway sidenote, has anyone ever seen this pattern? When you ask a person what their favorite number is nintey percent of people will pick a prime number. I've been noticing it a lot lately.. and if you were to ask my what my favorite numbers are most of them happen to be prime... so yea... explain this phenomonan...
soulery wrote:
My lucky number is 3.14, guess why.

Cherry, or lemon merengue? I tend to be a bit analytical, so 3.14159265358979 seems a bit luckier to me.
My lucky number changes fairly often but it's generally single digits. At one time or another it was 5,8,9 and 7. :P
My lucky number is probably five as well. I don't know how but my ex-girl once told me that she found out that my lucky number was five. And those weighting machines also printed out five as my lucky number and I always have believed five as my lucky number.
My lucky number is 7 because when I was 7 that is when I had enjoyed myself the most, and I had no worries with everything was perfect.
I like 3. Well.. there is no reason. I just like it.. Confused
But I don't like no. 4. Because it's releted my custom. I'm from Korea. We are using our own letter "Han-geul" but long time ago we borrowed chinese alphabet from old china before we didn't make our own alphabet. it influnced on many sides of our culture... anyway, pronounciation of number 4 and one letter of borrowed one from china that means 'to die' are exactly same.
so most korean don't like no. 4 ... some elevators in many buildings didn't have '4'...
If you get in the elevator in korea, you will see the buttons.."1, 2, 3, F, 5....."
my lucky number is 11 and 86, hehe. I don't know the exact number, just a sense of instinction.
lucky is funny, i cant believe in lucky until something good happens (for free) with me... I dont remember any association betwen numbers and lucky things in my life, maybe i should to try the lotery more times, than i could get a lucky number too.
I have no idea what my lucky number is. But I always choose 7 in any whatsoever cause it's my favorite number. All I know is that my luck number is definitely not 8. I don't know, but I usually end up in a mess whenever the date is an 8 or an event includes 8. *shivers* I hope tide is different now, I don't want to be in a mess the whole year (2008)!
It's not really a lucky number for me but I like to say that my luck number is the number 75. Why 75? Because it's the first line of seven grade that I received in my whole life - I received this back in high school (For not passing my notebook in music class). So I consider this as my lucky number because it made me feel how it is to received a line of seven grade.
I wouldnt say that its my lucky number but I always favored 10 ask me to pick a number Ill say 10, I think im alone with an even 10 a my number anyone else got that?
my lucky number is 2
I don't know if I have a lucky number. but I used to think my bad luck number is 8. >.< because I've had many unfortunate times involving the number 8. maybe it's just a coincidence but.. u.u
my lucky number is 666... its always been my lucky number
rvec wrote:
I had to tell my lucky number once when I bought a lottery ticked for 2 friends (I did something wrong) I said 7 but then they won half the money the ticket cost me Sad So my lucky number now is not 7. I still don't have a lucky number but I already know it's not 7.

BTW I later found out that the winner of 20 million bought his ticked 1 day after me Neutral

I don't know about "lucky and numbers", but I love the aesthetic appearance of numbers and some have beautiful shapes for me and I feel attracted to. Such as 3, 6, 9 or combinations of 3, 6, 9, with zeroes. The number "1" does not do anything for me, even in combination with my favourite numbers, in fact it detracts from my favourite numbers. 4 and 8 can be attractive too especially if they come in doubles, also interspersed with zeroes.

I wonder about "lucky" numbers. And how it works as there obviously has to be some law of attraction between the number and the person who is looking at it. A subtle magnetic field?
My lucky number is 32. I just decided that, here and now, because that's how old I am currently and I better be getting lucky this year.

With my wife, of course!
My lucky number is 567 . My first and second telephone number include 567 . My first company address is 567 . I think 567 is a important number for me in my life , it will take me to a new life full of lucky .
23...o you said lucky not UNLUCKY lol (the number 23)

For obvious reasons.

7 - Gods number. In my belief anyway.
21 for me.
standready wrote:
Seventy-two just keeps poping up!

Oh my god. That's exactly the same thing with me. Just a number that always has seemed "right".
I dont believe in lucky numbers much but I had a craze from childhood to number five although I could not recite a single incident when the number have been too helpful for me, and going by the birthdate my lucky number is 9, 18 is my birthday date so i guess my lucky number should be 1+8=9 isn't it??
I like the eight 8, as the chinese
i dotn really have a lucky number
maybe 8 is good
since im asian
and asians love 8's
thats why we have stores like super 88 Smile
Forty-two, of course!

in english culture, 7 is considerd lucky and 13 unlucky.

however in chienese culture, the pronounciation of the numbers are homonyms of ordinary words and their luck or otherwise depends on the word associated with them. I don't know all but

1 - definately
4 - death
5 - not
6 - very
8 - prosperity

so the upshot is that 8 is considered a very lucly number by chinese. the website is so named to attract the chinese market (where gambling is a big thing)

68 together is even better (very prosperous) as it 168 (definately will prosper).

4 on the other hand for obvious reasons is the most unlucky number of all - this is why in my parts of se asia hotels don't have a 4th floor (just like some hotels in america don't have a 13th floor).

be careful with 5 as it means not or opposite - so while 68 is good, 58 is bad (not prosperous). suppose 54 is neutral.
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