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What is the most beautiful country for you?

What is the most beautiful country for you?
 10%  [ 5 ]
 6%  [ 3 ]
 20%  [ 10 ]
 16%  [ 8 ]
 4%  [ 2 ]
 8%  [ 4 ]
 34%  [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 49

What is the most beautiful country for you?
That is a tough question. I doubt very many people have visited all the countries in your list and I seriously doubt anyone has visited every country that exists today.

I voted for the USA for two reasons. First, I am a US citizen so I am biased. Second, the US is a huge country with a wide variety of everything.

Lastly, beauty is a very subjective thing so what is beautiful to me may be ugly to someone else.
I have been in Italy and USA from this list. I voted for Italy because of beautifull city areas and country side. If I would could choose any other I would choose mountains in Germany Bavaria / Austria or lakes in Finland Very Happy
That is another reason I voted for USA. You can see mountains, desert, tropics, glaciers, forest, meadows, and most other scenes that you can imagine. There are not many countries that can say the same.
I've voted for Japan, though I've never been there, but I really-really want to visit this country with it's unique mix of high technology & ancient traditions
There are a lot that are not on the list!!!! By the way, I think you cannot answer this question that easily.
It is like you would have to decide between city, ocean and mountains, which I would all rather not miss.
Not in the poll, but I'd say Finland.
My favorite city there is Jyväskilla (sp?)
Well, it depends which aspect of each country I would take under consideration, because there are many countries that I find beautiful. One of them is Japan - I'm passionate about its culture and customs so, as a result, I would love to travel there but unfortunately I can't afford it right now.
Another country that I like is the Netherlands - maybe because of the language. Dutch sounds very distinctively for me Razz.
I also like Russia, because of their huge hospitality. Furthermore, I have roots there - my great grandfather was born in Irkutsk and I still have an extended family living near the fabulous Lake Baikal Smile.
crdowner wrote:
That is another reason I voted for USA. You can see mountains, desert, tropics, glaciers, forest, meadows, and most other scenes that you can imagine. There are not many countries that can say the same.

There are many countries around the world that contain the climates that you mentioned and more....
Well I only answer this because it is on the poll. Mine would have to be Japan. Advanced Civilization and a unique mix of tradional culture make it a winning combination. But my favourite place is Bali and Hawaii for some reason. I guess I have the hots for beach. Laughing
From this list only one country means something for me ... it's Brasil ...
I know that Brasil isn't only beach ... sand ... sea ... carnaval ... huge part of brasil is Favelas ... it doesn't look nice , there is lot of poor ppl there ... but I still like this country ... this culture ... I practice capoeira ... maybe that's because I like Brasil Smile
i like Portugese language too Smile It sounds soft ... fluid ... nice Smile
I did choose Japan off of this list. I really think its a wonderful country. I man they have got amazing temples and mountains and citylife. I do live in Germany and my family is from Austria. quite nice here aswell but since I´ve also spent a year in the US and UK I cannot really choose a place I´d rather live. I´ve never been to Australia and I believe Australia, Newsealand and Canada are amazing places aswell! its hard do decide since every country, land has its own quality / Smile
In my opinion, the most beautiful place on earth is Christchurch, New Zealand.

Other places I find very beautiful :
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Far North Queensland, Australia (ie Cairns)
Fortaleza, Brazil
Japan - Japan the most beautiful country to visit, golden pavillion, Osaka, Tokyo, nothing to say about them
isnt easy to set one, you need to know each country to know the answer and not for pictures because the sensation doesnt happen by a paper or screen...
What i can say about it. Brasil is very beauty, come to know...
i vote for japan.. i have been to osaka.. it is the best place to be.. with the high tehcnology and and great culture i thing you should go there..... and not to miss the girls there is damn beautiful... heheh.
and you can see people riding bycycle there as well... i think people in japan not effect so much with current fuel price increase...
There is no country i'd rather live than my own country, but the US is beautiful, because there are many different things there. Grand Canyon, Everglades, all the cities, it's just great.
i vote for japan.. i have been to osaka.. it is the best place to be.. with the high tehcnology and and great culture i thing you should go there..... and not to miss the girls there is damn beautiful... heheh.
and you can see people riding bycycle there as well... i think people in japan not effect so much with current fuel price increase...

I to do so
I have been to Switzerland, Germany, UK, Netherland, NZ, and most of Asia.

I voted for Japan, as I find the country very clean (but I did find a bus stop in Shikoku - which was badly littered). Even the water in their drainage system is so clear, I wondered how they manage it.

The way they preserve nature in Nikko and outskirt of Kyoto is just amazing.
Another reason is the people are willing to be part of the nation's crazy in planting the Sakura trees.

In comparison, NZ are cutting down their autumn maple trees and replacing them with ever-green trees (very practical reasons).

Even the lake in Switzerland cannot compare in clarity with the drains in Japan.
I do said some of the lakes and even seasides in NZ are of equal clarity.

Overall, Japan is beautiful due to the people willingness to enhance the beauty of their nation.
But their culture in human relationship can afford a makeover.

With regards.
Well. Mine is obviously the country i live in. The Great White North, Canada.. EH. Its amazing in winter. But seeing as how i have to choose and Canada's not up there. I guess the US. I mean the Rockies i don't know why I just love em.
Out of all those options, the only ones I've been to are the US and the UK (and I live in the US). Others I've seen in pictures. With Brazil, I mostly think of the Amazon...something I would like to see one day. Italy, Venice usually comes to mind. Japan, either the scenic areas or the large city of Tokyo. Australia, the deserts and the coastline. Venezuela, Angel Falls. England, London and it's architecture. US, quite a bit of stuff...Grand Canyon, New York, Alaskan Tundra, Pacific Coast, Plains, and more. But I'm a US citizen, so I suppose that's biased. When it comes to most beautiful country, I usually think about natural beauty, instead of architecture and such. That gives a boost to Brazil, Japan, Australia, Venezuela and the US. But overall, I'll have to give it to the United States. I may think differently if I lived elsewhere, but I've seen more of it than any other, and it's all so diverse. The next landmark for me to visit is the Grand Canyon. I've seen it pictures, now I'd like to experience it myself. Very Happy
I'm Brazilian but I voted for Australia.
maldives is the most beatiful but when it comes to girls-brazil rokcs..
ISRAEL - has so many beautiful and famous places. It is truly a remarkable place with so many different things to do. It has all kinds of terrain. Jerusalem is also a beautiful city in Israel.
England Very Happy

Probbably picked it becuase i live there and to be honest there are so many postives about living their. The people, the great british people. Our obession with tea! Great burning hot summers and stawberries and cream and wimbledon.

Okay so i realise its not the greatest country of all. But to me the country where you are brought up is the most important. You feel a part of it, you feel proud etc.

I would like to visit more countries to experince different cultures.
Japan - it's the only one I'Ve actually been to, and I've lived here for over 2 years, so it can't be all bad. Wink

Nah - it is really really stunning, and it's amazing that one country can have such huge variations in climate, culture and scenery as between, for example, Okinawa and Hokkaido.

There's beauty in every country though. ^_^
Oh I couldn't answer the poll, the only one I've been to on the list is England where I live, but then it's not really even a country just a part of "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" (note, British Army, not English Army)
Aside from that though, I have traveled a lot around Asia, and the most beautiful country and people to me is a little landlocked place called Laos, absolutely stunning, and when I was last there, still no cash machines or McDonalds yey!!!
I vote for Japan...though I haven't been there but I saw on the television and it is really such a nice country....
Out of the countries there, I will vote for Brazil!
I've been all across Canada driving, and flying. It's a beautiful country and Laird Hot Springs Provincial Park in BC is spectacular.
I say the one I am in right now. If I travel it is the same thing. They say beauty is in the mind of the beholder and I think it is true. The world is full of nice things. We just need to see it or find it.
If temperature is a part of beauty then Canada is right out! It's too cold where I live... I'm not going further north... you crazy! I choose Brazil because it's warmer there!
Nepal is a very beautiful country. Here are five nice shots that I found scattered around the web.

Australia. It's such a unique country, there are many things in Australia that can be found nowhere else, especially the fauna and flora. Plus, they have the Great Barrier Reef, which is simply breathtaking!
As Harry Belafonte sings:

... Pass away the time in Venezuela
Out of the options in this poll I will have to go with Brazil. I have heard some pretty good things about places like Rio De Janerio and other cities in Brazil. Would be a dream come true if I could go there during the World Cup Football next year. But I know it won't be a dream come true.
US is my favourite country . Famous beaches are there in USA.
I have been to most countries on your list except Venezuela and they are all beautiful for their own reasons. I was born in South Africa and for me it is the most beautiful country, but I would say Africa is the most beautiful continent if that fits into this question.

I am not being biased by saying this because South Africa and Africa has so much to offer and people tend to overlook it for many reasons. The biggest attractions for South Africa are it's beaches and wildlife as their is such an abundance of it.

I don't live there anymore and live in England and I can say England is beautiful too, but for a total different reason/s. Over here there is history and buildings from that history that attract me to it. The same goes for all the other countries I have visited, they all have some sort of beauty and some of them are very well hidden

noone of those Laughing
Definately U.S.A is the best country .USA has rich historical attraction,famous popular beaches,resorts,hotels and cities to visit.
According to me USA is the most beautiful country > lot of place to visit and have best beaches in the world
I think USA
I vote For USA Country ..according to me it is most beautiful place in the USA you can see mountain ,forest and many historical places..
My favorite country is USA..So i also vote For USA..USA is pleasure and beautiful place to visit..they have rich beautiful natural places..In USA people are lived with High fi life style ..
I voted for Australia...Its really beautiful place to visit..Melbourne is my dream destination...i would like to spend my summer vacation there...
Just a brief hop from the landmass of Southern Australia, Kangaroo Isle seems like a globe away. It is a sanctuary for wild animals and a sanctuary for those requiring to evade the day-to-day pressure of life.
From thes cities, I go with England.
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