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what should i say?

my very good friend has two jobs which he must choose between them. making the wrong choice might put him back in the street.
He is to choose between being a doctor or a bank manager. Although he wants to be doctor but the other is better paid.he asked me to advise him but i dont know what to tell him.please what you guys view on this?
This situation seems very interesting. Two options: Doctor or Bank Manager. The other option is the street??

If your friend has the skills to be both of these things, then the street shouldn't really be a concern. However, considering your friend has no training, school time does become a concern.

A doctor requires something like 7 years of school, and that's just general practice, if he wants to be a surgeon, up that by at least 3 years. Now, in this time you will most likely generate a lot of DEBT. You could probably work throughout the school year, but with the demands of first your Science/Biology Degree and then Med School, you'll probably want to rely on loans.

However, once your a doctor, money shouldn't be an issue. There is no lack of patients in the world, and if you're willing to relocate, many places are in short supply of family doctors.

Now, the bank manager requires about 3 or 4 years of schooling. You'll probably want a business degree or something like that. But then you have to climb the ladder. Start entry level management and work your way up. That's appealing if you like the "get promoted up the ladder" approach to life.

Now, ultimately, you have to like what you're doing. Go with what makes you happy. 'Cause if you hate getting up and going to work in the morning, it really won't matter how much money you're making, because you'll simply be counting the hours until you can go home....every day.
I agree with Dean. Doctors are not badly paid - so take the option that you think you will enjoy most. You may not earn quite so much money but you will have more fun. When it comes down to it why do you want more money? So you can afford more fun!
If you were to decide between being a waiter and being a bank manager then my advice would probably be different :)
what i want to add to all above is that, a doctor could work on his own to see patients and make money. A bank manager can do nothing without a whole bank system. From my view point, if he is able to afford the doctor traning, then he should be probably think that job, and what's more, doctor tends to gain a higher social status than banker does. So, it's an easy choice, right?
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