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Ok, I am going to offer you all out there some advice. NEVER EVER lose track of your Guild Wars pass code. Even if it is a year and a half or two years later...........KEEP THEM. Now I know but I am pissed.

On to the backstory.....I first purchased Guild Wars Factions a year and a half ago and created my original account. My original pass code was stolen by some idiots shortly after my purchase. However my account remained in tact so I thought it was all ok. I wasn't too worried because well, they were idiots that stole it. Anyway, now over a year later, for christmas I bought Guild Wars Prophesies and added it with its new pass code to my original account. Not even a month later, I go to sign into Guild Wars and it says that my account doesn't exist. I immediately go to PlayNC for support. And here is the kicker. They are telling me that they cannot help me whatsoever unless I have the original code (stolen over a year ago). I have the prophesies code, but no, they won't even let me take that code and create a new account just with that. I dont' even care about the original Factions code, I just want to be able to use the code I HAVE from prophesies. THey have basically told me too bad so sad. Now what I suspect is that the person who stole my pass code, has now stolen my account after a year and a half and has been able to take over my account including the one I just bought for christmas and take all my characters etcc..... and PlayNC just says...sorry we can't help you!

This is completely wrong! I am still fighting them. I don't have the original code, fine. But how can they just take the code I DO have and say well that isn't worth anything because you don't have the original account code?? I am so angry and frustrated about this. I am not a huge gamer. I just get on and play when I need to relax or just when I have a spare minute, which isn't often. BUt now they have taken that away from me and if I want to keep playing, they are basically saying, "too bad. You need to just go out and spend another $60 and create another account!!"

You have to follow the rule...
by the way, all that are "security mythology"..
All have to law by law..
What can we do.. we accept the agreement as we play the game..
either we keep playing o stop play it!
Is your choice.. the power is on your hand!
Be with it and so be it..

Me Nc Big Fan!
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