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I am in trouble

What will you do if you fall in love with you cousin unknowingly? Confused
Depends on several things, I guess. Does she know this? Is she in love with you? Is she a 1st degree cousin of you, or not? What is the opinion on relations between cousins in the country you live? Are you sure you are 'in love' with her, and you don't 'just fancy her'?
You give us more than one line of text.

Topic moved to "Relationships". Wink
Da Rossa
Chucky wrote:
What will you do if you fall in love with you cousin unknowingly? Confused

It happens. Psychologically it's perfectly normal, but not morally in my opinion, if it matters. it's kind of a complicated thing, however you can get rid of it with some effort. If you don't want hassle with your family, then it could be a good idea to deliberately avoid and stay away from her. At the same time, find some other activities, not necessarily another girl, but something that can fill your mind in most of the time. Then let the time to the detox. Smile
Ok well when i first saw the title of this topic i though "o darn another pregnancy" but this is prety close to that. But i basiclly will say what MrBlueSky said. What do people think of cousin relationships where you are and what type of cousin is he/she.

And one minor point when you say you fell in love with her that implies a relationship and alot of time when you probably mean i "fancy" or "like" my cousin.
And could you add how old you are?
It is a wonderful thing to fall in love with someone. You should be grateful for the experience alone. Given the title, I assume that her being your cousin is something in your culture that makes it unacceptable for you two to become romantically involved. You should probably discontinue your interests in her and find a new girl to fall in love with to save both of you a lot of trouble and heartache in the future. Both of you deserve to find successful and satisfying relationships in the future.
Chucky wrote:
What will you do if you fall in love with you cousin unknowingly? Confused

If like what you said, I think falling in love is Really equal to fall into the trouble.......... Arrow Sad
chucky....I myself have fancied a cousin or two of mine and never crossed the line into relationships cause I did not want to hear any talk from the rest of relatives about how immoral our activities were.

as the other posters before me indicated....we need more information.
Da Rossa
... and please give us some feedback Chucky Sad
Convince yourself that she's lesbian (Just for the record, I don't have anything against homosexuals. One of my better friends is gay. I hear this method works though).
loryl....I don't think the idea of 2 women might be such a turn off for many men Confused
1. Is it legal to be with your cousin in your country? If not, stay away!
2. Is it legal, but unusual - think twice, be absolutelly sure before you say/do something.

Royal people marry their cousins all the time :)
Chucky wrote:
What will you do if you fall in love with you cousin unknowingly? Confused

If u were to have children, there would be a higher chance of birth defects.
Oh yeah... good point, Apple. Grr.

Avoid her for a while til you get to your senses then. Don't want your children to suffer from all those mutations.
for our culture its not accepted that yopu will fall inlove in your own family bloodline. Though it can be consider outside the third degree relationship. It is also wierd that you will be hanging and leaving with your cousin as your husband/wife in the future..
if it is allowed, do what you feel ^^
if not, avoid her, or lock yourself up in your bedroom for some time, it works
(i had the same thing )
and p.s. why are children from the same bloodline "mutated"
endless wrote:
and p.s. why are children from the same bloodline "mutated"

They aren't neccesarily mutated. However, being the same family means you share certain things that are genetically transferable. These can either be good or bad things. It has a lot to do with biology but I'll try to explain as simple as possible.

(On a side not, my English might be slightly failing me here so please bear with me Razz)
A human has chromosomes as all living creatures have. Your genetical specifications are on your chromosomes. In cells such as sperm cells only half of the chromosomes of the male are used. Once it merges with the cell of a female (can't find the word for it but as English speaker you'll know it) the chromosomes merge with that of the female and you'll have a new child (actually one cell but the cells will start splitting and will eventually, if all goes well, form a child).

Now, for example, blue eyes are reccessive. Lets see brown eyes have the letter B and blue eyes have the letter b. Once you have the letter B you'll always have brown eyes. However, if you have two small b's, bb, you'll have blue eyes. That's called a reccessive atribute (main word is reccessive). As only half of the chromosomes are present in a sperm cell and in the cell of a woman the color of the eyes will be known the moment the cell merges and the code is formed. With blue eyes it doesn't matter, but what if your family has a harmfull, reccessive, gene? It won't show with you or your cousin as it is reccessive and you have a dominant gene that is shown. However, as the male and female cells that form children only have half of the chromosomes, so you have a chance that both of you will pass the reccessive gene to your child which will cause it to have physical or mental disability (ablities).

I hope that answers your question although I must admit it's slightly off-topic Smile.
oh well... i wouldn't say it is the worse thing in the world... i mean you can't help who you have chemistry with and unknowingly that doesn't make you a bad person by all means....
hell im from arkansas i LOOOOVE MY COUSIN YYEEEHAW ( IM KIDDING )
lmao... sorry i had to say it.
well its much better than if you fall inlove with your sister rigth?
anyway their is still a different blood line running to you and her...
so prove everyone that love can conquer all... love moves mysteriously...
it is legal in certain states.... so i suggest you move Smile
dude... never fall in love with ur own family blood..........

but damn, if u already did, well, be happy that u r in love.. its not easy to be inlove with somebody..
and look forward to a lifetime of "Sister-Mum" / "Keep it in the family" jokest
I guess at the end of the day it only boils down to one thing - is she hot?
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