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NOD32 - 100% CPU Usage?

I just bought NOD32 Smart Security (Firewall, AV, Anti-Spam) and man I am happy. I switched from AVG to NOD32. Avg used TONS of ram, lagging my computer. Currently, I have tons open and still using less than 350 MB of ram. (I have a 512 chip)

But, there is this one process that takes up 100% CPU usage. It isn't very noticeable as it comes every 5 minutes or so for a short period of time. It is noticeable when I am playing games such as Starcraft.

Why is it using 100% CPU usage? I mean, I don't mind too much, but I would like to figure it out. If anybody has any knowledge of this problem, please post!

Many thanks!
It is scanning or updating something is the probably the short answer, as to why, I have no idea... perhaps it's scheduled to run every x minutes? 100% CPU just means the program is fully utilising the CPU, anything not at ~100% is just waiting for something slower to complete (like a disk access).
Might be cause the primary scan didn't complete. I think it scans everything when you first install it.
Neither are running.
I had this problem too with the latest trial version. I really don't know what those coders from ESET are doing ... but this is ****** up.

I had NOD32 v2.5 and it was bug free.. i really forgot i have an antivirus. NOD32 v3 is really really bad. How can you say that this is one of the most efficient software ... if it constantly gets your CPU at 100% Neutral.

I've reverted to v2.5 ... (and this is not your problem.. all the users have this issue)
be sure that you configurated the installation right. Doing a deep analysis scan wouldnt hurt either...

nod32 shudnt take that much of CPU computer speccs? running vista?

No, I am running windows XP. What do you mean by deep analysis scan?
have You checked the nod32 logs? it could be that the program is trying to connect to different mirrors to check updates but it finds some problem and after a short period it tries again to connect to another mirror. If you look at the mirrors list You'll see probably it will use a random server in the list to check updates. Sometimes it happens. Wink
i guess this problem not in updates (if program try to connect for updates not usage 100% cpu). probably you are running task to scan. So make screenshot your system tasks, and list autoloader programs. And write how you install nod32 (every step).
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