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sending a thank you note after an interview

I've always been told you should send a thank you note to everyone who interviews you. I don't know if anyone actually does this. It always seemed to me like a cheesey and almost insincere sort of way to try to keep your foot in the door.

What do you think?
To everyone who interviews you? I thought it was the other way around... no wonder . Shocked

Shouldn't the interviewer be happy you have the time to give him an interview and willing to do so?
rvec wrote:
To everyone who interviews you? I thought it was the other way around... no wonder . :shock:

Shouldn't the interviewer be happy you have the time to give him an interview and willing to do so?

I think TurtleShell was referring to a job interviewer.

It certainly wouldn't hurt. It might make the interviewer remember you and consider you when he picks someone for a job.
lets see...hmmm. We as students conduct interviews to companies for our studies, we give appreciation certificates to them as a sort of our thanks and appreciation that they give us their time for the another way around, we as an interviewee should or appropriately give some sort of thanks to the interviewer...being interviewed boost your morale and confidence...its clearly describes that they have trust in you(being senior or in higher position) and being respected by people around you.
Sending a letter (or email, depending on how you normally contact the interviewer. however, a letter is considered "better" in most circumstances.) after your job/school interview is both a sign of appreciation of the interviewer's time and it says that you're a polite person whom they'd love to have around the company/school. It also makes you stand out more than the hundreds of other people who interviewed. In it, you'll want to say your thanks, outline the good stuff of the place you interviewed for, and reiterate your positive qualities. You're saying to them one more time: "hey, I'm totally the person you're looking for!"
I agree with loryl... I have been going through many interview/resume preparation articles, and posting them on my father's site (not trying to self promote, just found this relevant), and there are many articles siting a follow up letter as good practice. Leaves them with a 'lasting' impression, so to speak. this is a sample thank you letter, dont know if it will be useful to you, but thought i would provide the link.
It is recommended that you do something so that your resume stands out. However, you don't have to necessarily send a letter nowadays. In fact, I would recommend a form of communication that gets to the interviewer as quickly as possible. For instance, after I got my Bachelor's degree, after I interviewed with some companies I was interested in, I would email the interviewer and thank them for their time.

This shows that you take initiative and makes you stand out more in their mind.
wow. All that is complicated. i just walked in, said I knew someone who worked there, signed over my life to the company, and got the job. I figure they're busy people who's groove of motion would be thrown off if I gave them something to read that didn't pertain to what they were doing...

But that's just me. Boy's tend to be less courteous than girls anyhow. And i'm just fine with that...
Asking for an interviewers email address can be a bit uncomfortable.

Writing down the interviewers name, title and department on a note pad
during the interview will also make a statement that you are detail oriented.

You know the companies address,
so with the info you wrote down in your notes
sending a thank you note will be very easy.
A firm hand shake actually pleased my male interviewers. Cool
It depends on how good you think this interview you've done. If you really feel good from it and learn something and want to extend you thank to the person who interviewed you, it is possible to wrtie to let him know, otherwise I would prefer not to bother, especially if he is a busy man.
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