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how do you make money on ebay

ok so iv been using ebay for a while but never really make any profit my last to sales where actually a loss, how do you become a power seller e.t.c i think i would quite like to become an ebay power seller and maybe promote my products via my own website or something, but how do you do it please help someone?
Try and find something you are interested in and then if there are smallish items you can get in bulk then sell them in smaller lots. As an example I am into modle trains and you can get items like street lighting for around $30 for 60 from China and these sell on at 10 for $11. If you can get bigger items in bulk then you start to become a power seller
thanks thats a good idea suppose i could find something that lots of people are into then buy it cheaply in bulk then sell it in smaller lots for a fair price.
I need more advices for selling on Ebay. Any reccomendations? More Spesific?
Hey D you could look into Harry Potter, wizard stuff, and learn to spell!!!!
I sell on eBay and there are lots of things I can suggest:

1) Have attractive listing(at least not sloppy, with spelling errors, bad photos etc)

2) Be courteous to people. Answer emails promptly, leave good feedback, etc. I get some great feedback from people I've gone the extra mile for and people judge you by your feedback.

3) Sell things that are in demand. EBay has tools for this. For example, search 'ebay pulse' in their help files or read their forums.

4) Keep at it. Don't get discouraged if you fail a few times. Practice will make you better.

Good luck and have fun with it, you never know.
I've known that many and many persons made a lot of money on ebay, I also tried and wasted a lot for years but until the end, with ebay I can't. At that time I thought something best for someone but not for everyone, so, to save my capitals and times, I then gave up from ebay and try another ways which I think they work well and better for me.

However, I don't mean that you should give up from ebay as I've done, ebay may be best for you if you discover the right practicality for yourself.

Today I've read this thread and found a lot of useful information, may be I'll try it once more. Thanks a lot.

Hope you have very good lucks.
I dont understand the ways of the ebay... like why doesnt just people not bid and make the price higher for EVERYBODY, and just all wait until the last second and a fastest draw style bid???
Another very effective way to make money is to buy something, make it better, then sell it for more.

Ie, if you have some decent skills in repair of anything, you can buy broken versions of it and then refurbish or repair it and then sell it once again!

Also, if you go shopping at flea markets and stuff, you never know what you might find that may have value on eBay.
I never sell stuffs on Ebay, but only buy them. I think the way selling stuffs online save you the cost on the internal parts of the product supply chain. Therefore, if you want to make money, you should have access to certain kinds of sources that you can differentiate your products from other sources. And the shorter supply chain you taylor in your business, the more profit will be made out of that. I guess, that is the general rule of making money by selling stuffs online.
gotta be hard core about it, selling lots of items, have great rating, and have positive feedback. power sellers sell thousands of dollars a month worth of items. some people make a living on it.
you could be one of those cheapo asians that have a really low price (like 1 dollar), but have a ridiculously high postage.
Selling effectively involves marketing and promoting.

Marketing involves differentiating.

Differentiate yourself from other seller, you will sell more.
Based on my experiences, it is very hard to make money on e-bay, although tonnes of people are trying it.

The cut-throat, cost first nature of auctions makes it hard to get people to start bidding wars.

This is an interesting topic, I will keep monitoring it.

Unless you are prepared to invest a lot of your time learning about how e-bay works, it is probably best just to buy from there.
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