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Selling web pages

I wanted to make a web page for a school, but I dont know how much it should cost. I was thinking that it would be appropiate a fixed charge for each page the site has. Perhaps to put some high price to the main page and a low price for each secondary page added. I had doubts too on how to get paid for the maintenance of the site. What would be appropiate? I would appreciate any help on that.
It would depend completely on the quality of the site. The best thing you can do is to clock the amount of hours you spend on it, and then charge them for that, and then have a finishing charge as well.

If that won't work, I'd say you charge them for the style of the site, and then for each module, as opposed to page. This is because there can be a lot of pages in one aspect of a school website, which are just changing the content, but there are other aspects which take a lot more work, like forums/calendars etc.

As for exact pricing, there are too many variables for this to be given in an online forum unless you give a much bigger explanation. as in, location, quality etc.
Hi P best advice you have already got from Bogger, that is charge by the hour. A simple page can bet set up using even a modest software package in under half an hour, particularly if you don't have to write the underlying script. Also if you use a package you can easily make up a flash looking page quite easily
My advice would be to look at the quality of the site, the complexity of the content, and how long it takes you and then work out a price from there. Or, you could similarly intergrate this with a pay by the hour rate.

The only problem i can see with hourly rates is that you may spend say two hours working out something for one page, and then use this again in another page, in which it will take you just a few minutes, and therefore losing you money. Also, if you complete it quickly, you may end up with a price less than what the school will pay you.

The best thing to do is probably get someone else to look at the quality, content etc. and then get them to say how much they would pay for it, and then add on a little.
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