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First day of school/work (after Christmas)

I don't know about you, but today was my first day at school after the Christmas holidays.
We celebrated our school's 175th anniversary today, so everybody were dressed in old clothes (as close to 1833 as possible).
We had a class almost like the way they used to have in the 19th century. After that we ate lots of cake and watched some fireworks.

Now, how was your first day at school or work? (no matter if it was today or not).
Did something special happen? Then tell us about it Smile
Just a normal day here, only today we started almost all the lessons with a Happy New Year speech from our teachers. They're all so boring. Razz
i am bunking the school from the 2nd will go on wednesday
I haven't started school yet. I don't start till the middle of the week. (Wednesday) Very Happy

But I do know I'm going to have an exam that day in my science class.
2008 begins with a week of tests for me! And I am not motivated!
My school started at Jan 2. Sad I had to get up at 6 to get to school the day after New Year's Day: so tiring. They should've given us more vacation. (But we have lots of summer vacation!)
Wow thats awesome I wish we had the opportunity to dress in old style clothing like that. Anyway, my first day is next Monday, so I haven't gone back to school yet.
Everything is just as ever, there is not a special one. Wink Very Happy
Started back to work on the 2nd. It was a short week and all my monthly end of month reports that are due for the prior month were due on Friday as ususal. It was fun actually at least I wasn't bored for a few days rushing to meet deadlines.
I can't believe that some of you really have exams the very first day of school after Christmas.

coolclay wrote:
Wow thats awesome I wish we had the opportunity to dress in old style clothing like that. Anyway, my first day is next Monday, so I haven't gone back to school yet.

A few people even got some prizes for the best dressing, and the cake was decorated with a "picture" of our school made by marzipan and cake "stuff". I think it measured 2m x 1m and must be the largest cake I've ever seen.
well today's the 11th and I only began doing some work last night. oh the joys of working for yourself!!!!
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
actually the school days for us started a week ago..its been a whole week of boring school days since we have been sleeping, hanging out with friends and facing our own computers during the holidays... but its fun to be back at school again. friends, classmates and teachers alike have been excited to see each other. Also, it brings bad news to us all since next week will be our mid term examination. we can't hardly study yet for the exam due to we are still in the essence of the holidays and in mood to do the school stuffs and anything that matters school activities. But its really nice to begin the school days, allowances are again present...
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Technically, I don't start until the 11th of February, but I have all my exams in the next couple of weeks. I have a whole other holiday between now and then, though: off to Beijing/Shanghai on the 24th, and I'll be there for Chinese New Year. Smile

Today (Saturday afternoon, no less!) was my first exam, and it was quite the anticipated train-wreck. It was also the least important formal exam I shall ever sit, so I'm not sure I care.
My little boy started school for the first time this week. We are in England, and they start incredibly early over here - he is not even four years old yet! I was so nervous for him, but he strolled in as if he'd never been anywhere else! I am really proud of him!Applause Of course, by the second day, he was 'bored with school' and decided he was ready for a 'bigger boys' school' now! How do you explain that he'll have to stick with one thing for quite some time before progressing on to the next? Not that he'll be more patient once he gets to 'bigger boys' school' of course.... Laughing

Oh, I love my little monkey though!!! Wink
well it really sucked. got to work all relaxed and chilling. didnt' want to work but had to work my butt off...really needed to...dont know what will happen now though, going through hard times...
Yes, it is always a little hard to get used to get up early in the morning every day and to work all day, after being so relaxed… It is always the same feeling, like every Monday. But you get used to new schedules again after few days.
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