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Be a... wolf?

A wolf game. That's right, a multiplayer wolf game... Wolfquest.


Both the single-player and multiplayer game will offer about a couple of hours of gameplay (or more, if you want to replay the same missions). Key features:

* Create your wolf avatar, selecting male or female, choosing from a range of realistic wolf coats (and customizing the coat with color tints), and configuring its abilities (strength, speed, and stamina).
* Explore four square kilometers of alpine wilderness on the slopes of Amethyst Mountain in Yellowstone National Park, running across open meadows, through dense fir forests, and along sheer cliffs.
* Hunt elk. Follow scent trails to locate elk herds, then sneak up on the herd, find the weakest one, and begin your attack. Pursue your prey and sap its strength while dodging its counterattacks, to make the kill.
* Harrass coyotes who try to eat elk carcasses, or just for the fun of it.
* Chase and eat snowshoe hares.
* Earn Experience Points for bragging rights with other players.

Additional features of the single-player game:

* Follow scent trails to find stranger wolves. Communicate with them through wolf vocalizations and behaviors.
* Find a mate and establish a bond.

Additional features of multiplayer games:

* Form a pack with 2-5 players in private multiplayer sessions.
* Chat with other players with an in-game safe chat system, limited to common English words
* Work as a team to bring down a powerfull bull elk.

I can honestly say I've not seen another game where "chase and eat snowshoe hares" and "work as a team to bring down a powerful bull elk" are listed as features.
Sounds kind of interesting. At least it's something new and different, instead of the same old first-person shooter garbage Smile
Developed by Minnesota Zoo... That would explain the content. Even if it's intended to be 'educational' in some regard, I can imagine it gaining popularity. It looks nice enough, seems to have decent gameplay, and, of course, obviously differentiates itself from the hoards of fantasy RPG online games.
Hi there,

Since its for a good cause (probably the promotion of the wolves that the park is responsible to protect..sorry if i'm mistaken here) its acceptable. otherwise it would probably be pure trash. Roleplaying an animal is not properly what most of the people would want to spend their time with...and maybe i'm wrong and this might be a millionaire idea Smile

Stay Cool
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