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Why does the MSM seem to dislike Ron Paul?

Things like this are odd.


CNN had two different pie charts up at the same time during the Iowa caucuses.

Here’s the pie chart they put up for the Democrats.

Notice how CNN went out of its way to squeeze Bill Richardson’s two percent piece into the pie?

Now, look at the Republican pie chart.

Notice the giant void between McCain and Huckabee on the chart? At this point, Ron Paul had 10 percent of the vote. Why isn’t he listed when Bill Richardson’s two percent makes the Democratic pie?

That’s some bad journalism, kids.
As if it is not known already, the media in the US is owned and controlled as puppets by people high up in the government.. and the bad thing is that the media can influence certain sections of the society which do not realize this.. How else can you account for Bush getting re-elected in 2004?!?!
Well yes, or it could just be that they decided on a limit of FOUR (count them) names for each chart. Most likely the chart was only on screen for a few seconds.

That doesn't mean it was a bright thing to do but it doesn't mean that it's a giant conspiracy against Ron Paul! Rolling Eyes
Yes, it probably was that 4 people are in each pie chart, which is much simpler.

We can't really judge this thing without seeing the actual video of when the pie chart was put up, because we lack the voice overs. maybe they mentioned it later in the show, or while the chart itself was showing?
I find this really disturbing, because it is not just one media outlet - but almost, if not, all of them. Is this a case of a conspiracy of silence? How was Ron Paul immediately viewed and treated by almost all of the media elites (producers, hosts) to be too 'fringe' to be worthy of coverage, even though he has significant support?

Why are they choosing what or who is newsworthy?
The media are baised, always have been, always will be. Good example.
Think @gandalfthegrey. Not sure where you are going with resuscitating an almost four year old thread? Unless it's to show that nothing has changed over this period?
As much as I would like to point it out as an example of bias, it could just be that they were graphing the top 4 results from each party.

(Though that begs the question, why not the top 5? Perhaps the number 4 was chosen for a reason.)

That said, corporate interests do control pretty much everything in the US.
They have direct control over their own corporations, only slightly less direct control over the media, and indirect (also sometimes direct) control over politicians.

On another fun note, I recently saw a TV news story about Washington State's initiative to legalize marijuana.
...And oddly enough, they somehow gave airtime to every possible group of people against it, while giving a total of 3 words to the only proponent shown.
Hmmm I dont know but would like to know this as well, hehe im just curious.
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