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10 miles trudge around the Peak Dsitrict

Went to Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District yesterday to do a circular walk over Kinder Scout.
This was the pleasant enough approach view from the village where we parked.

This soon gave way to a 300m plod up this rocky gully, following the course of a small river coming off the tops.

Looking down...

And here, at the top where it emerges onto the plateau.

We then shunned the more comfortable route around the plateau's rim and instead went on a 2km slog over the sodden peat bogs on top, taking us about 3 hours, the going was so slow....regularly going in up to the knee ;D
We then emerged on the regular path which is a river bed, and instead of walking the peat-bog path we opted to walk [s]on[/s] through the water.

Here's my mate at the Kinder Gates

...and further on where the river drops off the plateau in the form of the Kinder Downfall.

We climbed down & sat in a small cave overlooking the waterfall & had a bite to eat....the strong wind was blowing the waterfall back up hill & turning the spray into snow as it fell.

We had a faff about on the rocks with the camera.....a 200m drop off 3 sides of this boulder awaited any wrong step, and in that wind was a bit hairy, to say the least.

My mate Adrian looking over towards Manchester

We then had a 3 miles slog downhill to the car, with the last 1 miles in pitch black, with the torches out.....a super day out, but I'm a bit out of practise & the old body's feeling it a bit this morning!
Great pics there my friend Very Happy , they certainly get me looking for the dubbing..... did you find any Blue John ?
Nature at its best.
I have to get some practise in....I haven't been out walking for about 12 months, and it showed by the time we'd finished.
It's the most fantastic thing in the world to get out there, away from everything, but I make so little time to do it.
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