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A warning of a dangerous hook

Or rather the 'saftey' hook. The other morning when I was walking the dog, he suddenly had sat himself down
and wouldn't walk any further. He was yelping about something, and when I turned around I at first thought he had
tangled himself in the leach. When I took a closer look, I found that it was true, but a bit more serious then I
could belive. Somehow, propablly when he was scratching his chin with his hindleg, the leader (or tendon=), had
gotten caught in the seftey hook. At first I couldn't belive it, but after trying to get it of, a visit to the vet was a fact.
They had to sedate him to be allowed to handle him enough for removing it, so now our dog has to take the next two
weeks with lots of rest and some medicine.

Before this, I hadn't even heard of something like it, but now I've been informed about a few incidents similar
to this one. It all happened very fast, and since it was very early in the morning at a weekend it got to be quite
expensive aswell. The hook was of the type you just 'click' on to the collar, if you know what I mean? In this
case it went fairlly well, and we'll never use that type of hook again, but one of the cases the vet told us about involved
a poor dog's balls... ouch! So, you dog-owners out there, take a look at the hooks on your leach and determine if
it's the best for your dog. It's both nicer and cheaper to change in time. Smile
Just so you know, you should edit the subject and fix your spelling of leash because many people might actually think you meant leech. Haha, I was really curious to learn about this dangerous leech and quickly realized it had nothing to do with leeches. Though this proved very useful to me because now I will make sure to avoid this type of leash.
Good you had use of the content though the spelling. Fixed the subject, but didn't bother to go through the
post again. The funny thing, though, is that my last start of a thread also got wrong in the subject and I had to
embarrase myself with changing it rigth after a friendly frihoster pointed it out. I consider myself rather ok
with the english language, but I didn't want to do the same mistake twice, so I used an online dictionary
before writing this one... Well, we can all see what good it made... Evil or Very Mad
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