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Our cell phone - our life and work

A wire dispatch warns that the cell phone could soon overrun television’s reach and impact as a news medium.

Video grabbed by cell phones captured the drama and anger at Saddam Hussein’s execution, the racist tantrum of actor Michael Richards at an LA comedy bar, the fury of hurricane Katrina, and the violence of the 2005 London subway bombing.

In the absence of TV camera teams, citizens with video-capable cell phones are a natural secondary network of news for television and the web.

A second story tells of an unstoppable market trend: cell phones are a sizzling sell. In 2006, cell phone makers shipped a record 1.02 billion handsets worldwide. Sales soared in the last quarter, with 295 million devices crossing seas and markets, including Nokia’s 105.5 million handsets, and Motorola’s 65.7 million.
While the cell phone was conceived to be a personal communication gadget – not a mass media platform – it now rates high as a key source of news and information of a growing number of people, and on occasion, exclusive, spot video of the TV networks

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