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Lightsaber Effects

Ok does anyone here know a easier way to add lightsaber effects to a video other than using Photoshop
Use real lightsabers?
demex wrote:
Use real lightsabers?

*smack* Use the force, puke!

The way I saw it done was through a process of tracking the sabre points and mapping their locations.. Then generating the effects on a transparent background.. Overlaying the generated effects..

Works for a cheap look.. but.. that's to be expected.
O well.... Looks like its back to five clicks per pic
I have a friend who did such a thing with Adobe Premiere. I don't know how to do this stuff at all, but he's really good at it. You can see an example at his site . Its quite funny, actually. If you want to know how he did it, he has an email link on his page. Tell him you were referred by his friend (my name's the same as my forum name) so he doesn't think you're a spammer. I can't guarantee that he'll help you, but there's no harm in trying.

You are talking about video, right?
Ok Thanks I'll take a look
You can probably tell I'm into video editing considering out of 3 posts, this is my 2nd on videos ( Very Happy ).

In my program (Vegas), I first go through in Pan/Crop and select the bezier tool (Premiere and After Effects has this too). Then, for each frame, you drag four points to each corner of the wooden dowel you are videoing with. Go through each frame (it takes hours), and repeat the process. If you have the lightsaber partly behind something, create two separate masks.

When you are done with this, go to Gaussian Blur and create a white background. Copy and paste the masking (rotoscoping) to it. Then, create another Gaussian Blur on top of it, add the same masking. Make it wider, and add whatever color glow you want.

There you go, lightsabers!
Hmm..... I just export it in a TIFF format and open up Photoshop, then I have pre-recorded the whole blur and colour thing, and all I have to do is create 4 points and press play, then move on to the next
Wow, exporting each frame editing in photoshop then going to the next sound like a pain. Use Rebas Light. Its much easy and the effects look really good. Cool
i've only heard of going frame by frame and adding it in, but if someone knew of a loopable video of one with a chroma keyable background, that would be great, as you could just erase the background and drag it where you want
There is a great tutorial from andrew cramer, a great guy ho makes the best tutorials
A lightsaber tutorial he made for including in a video.
It for after effcts from adobe . Be sure to check this link.

good luk
Did U konow google? ->
I reccomend adobe after effects.
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