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So.. how much do I charge?

raine dragon
I have a client who is looking to have me do about 1-2 hours of update work on her website on a bi-monthly, ongoing basis.. and quite frankly I have no idea what to charge her.

The changes would involve re-sizing, uploading and implementing ads, adding data about advertisers and adding featured content and events into her website.

I'm a third year web design/development student, with an AA is web design and a certification in graphic design...

I also live in the U.S.

Any ideas/advice?

p.s. if this is in the wrong forum, I'm really sorry, I wasn't sure which forum was best x__x
Best to try by thinking of a figure you would put on your time and then add a bit. Ask your client if that is OK and negotiate from there. Say you would charge $50 per hour, then I would initially ask for $65 and then negotiate, if that was not an agreeable figure. What ever you do decide on a price BEFORE you start then there will be no shocks for them or you when you present your bill. Also get them to pay for each session after you have completed it. This avoids massive amounts(well reletively so) building up, and if you are asked to stop then you would at most lose 1 sessions worth of fees.

Hope this has been of some help??
for the type of work you are suggesting i think $50 per hour would be quite excessive..

i think you will find most people will charge $20-30 per hour with $30 being in the advanced knowledge area.
If your a student your peers should be the ones to tell you whats the best rate?
If its simple the best would be $25-$30. If its for her business, she can write it off and you should charge what you feel your times worth, but if shes a friend thats another avenue?

After all html is pretty easy with all the helpful software thats out there now so if her time is worth more doing something else you should charge for your service?
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