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Selling T shirts

I would like to sell my own t shirt with a print on it. However how can you sell something like this because where can you get a t shirt anyway?

Is it legal to buy a shirt put a print on it and resell it for a profit?
It is perfectly legal to buy a shirt and print something on it then resell it as long as what you are printing on it is your own design and NOT someone else's copyrighted design.
You can buy the t-shirts anywhere. If you are going to do a large volume, consider contacting a t-shirt manufacturer directly and ask for volume discount.
Theres loads of online places where you can custom make your own t-shirt

like this one
A lot of stores sell blank shirts, meant for designing. For example, the two chain stores, Michael's and Ac Moore- they both sell multicolored, cheap shirts, that are relatively comfortable, and easily designed.

I actually buy them simply for their colors. They're cheap, and they don't make me feel like a billboard, so it's a double win, in my book.
Hey, there are a whole heap of places that will help you make your own T-shirts: both online and offline! Lots of the online ones let you type in your text and upload graphics and preview them straight away.

It can be a great business opportunity too... I'm sure lots of the online stores ( ) started off small. Actually, on threadless you can actually submit designs and the best ones are chosen to be printed for everyone to purchase!

Best of luck with it!
yeah...its very legal but for small packages only that you are tax free and no business permits. If you prefer to have a large scale t-shirt selling, then grab a business permit to make it more legal and have an authority in every t-shirt you have sell. maybe in no team it can be registered and have a trademark...
more over, tshirt printing is a customize business. its more profitable to create your own designs and logos that have no fees bu just using them. also, its very rare to have a customize t-shirt. Some high selling t-shirt brands starts from small scale tshirt printing and selling to a large scale business. Its very legal and you just need to coordinate in your city government or what so ever to make it more legal
CafePress is one of my recommendations, not only do they offer t-shirts, you can also have bags and a plethora of knick knacks to stamp your words of wisdom on.

How it works is simple, all you have to do is come up with creative designs or quotes and then you upload it to your CafePress shop. CafePress does all the work from the creation to the shipping to the customer servicing. All you do is advertise your product and cash in your checks. Using CafePress is free, but the profits are mediocre considering the production cost is high (Even if you don't pay for it). You have to sell your shirts at $14.95 if you wish to make any kind of profit and your not the only competitor on the block, there are thousands of other sellers, so competition is stiff.

Another way is to go to your local print shop that specializes in T-Shirt Printing, Unlike CafePress, they use cheaper quality t-shirts, so the production cost is lower and the profit margin higher. The downfall is that you cover the production cost for perhaps 20+ tshirts at the tune of a few hundred dollars and if you fail, your stuck with alot of tshirts.
its very accpetable buddy. its your own tshirt and print. nut if you used logos of companies and trademarks of them then it will be illegal, you need permission to used them,but if personally you created that print, then its totally yours.
I just feel angry when I see people trying to make money out of respectful causes! The t shirt busyness has a lot of this!!
It seems that a t-shirt is not really something to wear these days. Now in Auckland you need a t-shirt, its the one thing you don't have and you need everyday. But what can you where anyway, as there is nothing to buy.

This is where this design you own thing comes from, being a designer is way too simple. To easy, and markets are to free or niche.

Whats a t-shirt anyone can where ?
(like van shoes)
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