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Writing A Book?

Does anyone have any expirence in writing books?
I myself am looking into it and may just give it a try I allways have ideas or have a need to write a book about somthing going on in the world today.

War, Money, Poverty, Drug Use In Youth Culture, Music, Fantasy, Etc.

Im just not sure how to get started if anyone could give me a point to the right direction Smile
Devil186 wrote:
Does anyone have any expirence in writing books?
I myself am looking into it and may just give it a try I allways have ideas or have a need to write a book about somthing going on in the world today.

War, Money, Poverty, Drug Use In Youth Culture, Music, Fantasy, Etc.

Im just not sure how to get started if anyone could give me a point to the right direction Smile

I myself have never written a book, however, I have designed the cover of a couple of them. Based on my interaction with the writers it seems completely possible. I did a little research and found a few websites that might help a little. At the very least it is a starting point.
(this page is very basic but alot of interesting links on the left side of the page)
(alot of interesting articles on writing and publishing a book)

I am also sure that there are alot of writers who have written books on writing books and would appreciate your business, or just check out your local library.
Thank-you very much Very Happy .
All check 'em all out.
I am writing a book at the moment. It is in Dutch, however. I like to think I know enough about writing. I won two dialogue contests so I like to think I can write properly. If you need some advice or whatever feel free to PM me.
I've been writing stories for a while (have yet to truly complete one x_X;;Wink, but.. hopefully this will help.

What topic is most important to you? And how can you meld it with the other ones you're thinking of? o.o Do you need help with coming up with a plot? Looking at the topics you listed.. I came up with this!

Musicians (maybe in a band or something?) that live in a war-torn country. They are currently trying to do something about all the problems through music. For example, singing about the pains of poverty, how drugs can destroy a person's life, or how dangerous money and greed can be. The plot could be about whether or not they succeed, the impact they play in the lives of the country, whether or not they rise to stardom (because of the apathy or empathy of the citizens of the country). Stuff like that. ^^~

Not sure how you can get the fantasy part in it, but.. <.<;;

Another thing you might want to do when writing is deciding whether you want to write it in first or third person. First person really limits your writing because you'll only be able to reveal things through how the first person character perceives them. Events may be prejudiced. Third person.. depends on whether or not you're doing it in the view of only one person or omniscent. You also need to make sure you describe the world so that it's realistic. ^^ Like.. discuss everyday things, not just things the band would experience. I'm thinking.. third person omniscent would probably be the best given all the topics you want to talk about. Then you could go into all the different perspectives, and it'll be all ^^~

Oh. And getting a beta to look over your work and shoot ideas around with is always a good idea ^^~.

x_X; Hope this helps?
I'm also writing a book, hopefully to publish one day as a novel. I've written down the back story first and developed the characters in short biographies of each one. That way, I can kind of get an overall feel for the character throughout the novel. The storyline, I kind of wrote out like I would a summary or a book report. I think that's the best way to really get a rough outlook of your book. If it sounds strange in the report, then you might want to change it up before you go any further.

Hope that helps.
Devil186 wrote:
Does anyone have any expirence in writing books?

Im just not sure how to get started if anyone could give me a point to the right direction Smile

Hi there, I am only experienced in so far as I have been working on some books for a while now, but I have worked as a writer and had articles and stories and suchlike published.

I think the key is to first think carefully about exactly what you want to write about. What the subject or meaning of the book will be.

When you've decided that, then you move on to working out how you can best tackle that subject, draw up a story that explores that subject - even if roughly. Then you move on to planning out that story even if it is just in your head, as exactly as you can.

Then you have to do the actual writing! Smile

But the key is to write regularly, even if it is only a little a day. Your aim is to get a first draft finished.

Then you can go back and polish it up.

Good luck
How much I would like to write a book, but I don't think I'm able to do that. First of all because I'm not good at it. I should write in Norwegian since I have lived here all my life but I love English so much more. And I have never really got that much help as I grew up in both languages so I have no idea what I write wrong.

Maybe when I'm older I'll try and hope for the best.

Good luck to the rest of you that writes or thinks of writing a book/novel.
I'd like to. Smile

I once got started writing one - but then it was becoming a kind of a cross between a typical Famous Five-Secret Seven mystery; and stopped.

Writing a book means a lot of commitment, or atleast that is how I look at it. It would need a lot of time to, which I wouldn't be able to spare with my school stuff. What I was thinking about doing, was - writing down points that suddenly flash to your mind, and then, taking a lot of time, string them together. Crazy, I guess. Laughing
I have never written a book, but I have written short stories. I prefer short stories because I am the type that likes to get straight down and to the point. But I'd imagine that the starting point of writing a full book is similar to writing a short story. You have to figure out why you are writing it. Do you want to simply write an entertaining story? Pass on knowledge? Express a theme? That's the first thing you need to do. Then you need to develop the story and characters. That's the part that I don't have experience with because I write short stories and there isn't a lot of that in short stories.
Wow, what a great post and you did get a lot of cool responses, really helpful. This is one topic I need to bookmark.

Experience in writing a book? Well, lets see. Yes, the answer is yes. I’ve written a few of them, some short stories, a book of poems and a novel (a work in progress). I like to write, not that great at it but I do like to write. Somewhere, somewhere I read a quote by a famous author, then lost the source, oh how terrible that is.

“Writing a novel unless one is already famous or extremely talented is a work of insanity.”

I do believe what the author meant in the context of the subject being discussed was that writing a novel is never easy and you really have to have the passion for doing it. Having said that, it can very satisfying and rewarding in many different ways to develop a work.

I think when you wrote “have a need to write a book” that said it all right there.

Sometimes, I think we collect information, digest it, mull an idea over in our heads and then just need to get it out, somewhere, somehow. If you feel a need to write I would suggest something that I found very helpful. Write.

Often, we get wrapped up in our research or spend all our time exploring and find that we have not in the end done what we really wanted to do. That something of course is writing. To be a writer is to write. Some people write for the sake of writing, well like it was some unstoppable need and they just fill that need. However to write well or to write with purpose is always a good goal and I hope you enjoy your pursuit of it.

Sorry, about all this rambling, you have had such great posts on your topic. My only suggestion for a direction to take is above all - write! Everyday, I write.

If you are already writing and just want to get focused on something specific you might try an exercise.

Take ten minutes and write free style, just let the words poor out about things that you like and/or want to express (your passion) and out of those words list the top four things that you really are excited about in there. Make a list of your topics. Now you just need to add the threads to each of those topics. Hope that helps. The list could give you some focus and you can always change it easy enough.

Then all you want to do after that is write, write, write and edit.
Well, I dont have experience, but I'm writing a book currently. I want to finish it someday (it's about 60%) but I dont have much time right now. If you want some ideas, you could use things of your past, or the life of your friends, or even a little bit of fiction. Also you can choose write in first person o third person. I hope that this info could help you. Bye.

Excuse my english. I'm still learning it.
I've started multiple times to write books, but it's a lot of work and (as I never really thought I'd get paid) I never was able to complete one. I was pretty intensely interested in the last one for about two years. It was a project... I'm actually a painter, but I don't have room to paint, so I end up seeking all these alternative creative outlets, and writing is just one of them.
I wrote a book once. It was entitled "The Foreseer". It's a story of a child that was lost in the middle of the forest. The child can see visions of the past and the future. I was working on its 19th chapter when I stopped writing. I don't know why. Maybe I just thought that the construction of my story was dragging or something. The story was quiet long actually. I can't believe myself that was able to wtire something that long.

I let my classmates read my first 5 chapters and they told me it was good, frightening, and gloomy. I just wish I could finish that story one day.

I was talked into doing NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - a few years ago by some friends. The idea is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I ended up being the only one of my friends to complete it, and I've gone on to doing it another two years.

Currently trying to edit one of them to the stage where I'm happy with it, and find a friend interested enough to read it and give me feedback.
I am going to try writing a book this November, through NaNoWriMo. I wonder how it will be. Of course, I've written many shorter stories, but this will be "the great challenge". Wish me luck... Confused
actually, I also have experience editing books for other people. My advise to you: USE OUTLINES. I know it sounds cheesy and tedious, but most of us aren't so brilliant that we can hit a home run with our eyes shut.
I've just seen the NaNoWriMo website, it seems like a competition of some sort for budding writers. More like speed writing something for a months time.
I currently have atleast 5 novels on the go... simply because I can't write one without thinking about the other and therefore have to write more than one at once. I'm always trying to limit myself to just the one, but it's so difficult when you start getting ideas for new books.

For anyone else who is writing at the moment, the best advice i can give is not to read through your work too much. I got myself in to the habit of reading through my work everytime i finished a page, just to see if it flowed, and after a while you just begin to loathe your writing and your book seems incredibly boring. The best thing to do is get it written and then look back at it for things to change. That way you can look at it with fresh eyes.
TurtleShell wrote:
actually, I also have experience editing books for other people. My advise to you: USE OUTLINES. I know it sounds cheesy and tedious, but most of us aren't so brilliant that we can hit a home run with our eyes shut.

Right now I am working through a method called the Snowflake Method., it seems nice. And a rather good way of getting to know both your characters and your plot before actually starting writing.
Two suggestions from someone who has been trying to write for 20 years and just completed the first manuscript of a novel:
(1) National Novel Writing Month - lit. snobs (of which I am actually one) will tell you NaNoWriMo is a farce, but I think that is because they don't understand the way writing works for a good many (successful) novelists. The first draft nearly always doesn't bear any resemblance to the final one, and expecting yourself to churn out a decent work of fiction on the first attempt is absurd. What you will learn from doing this is how to get all of your ideas out on a page in a rough beginning/middle/end format, and then turn this into a real plot. At least, this is what I have learned. Smile
(2) READ - nothing teaches you how to write more than experiencing how others do it.
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