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What would you get with $30 on Amazon?

What would you get with a $30 gift card for Amazon?

I was thinking a moleskine but they are from external sellers so amazon doesn't let you use the card for it.

i would buy a book! haha; iis the answer too predictable? well, probably too boring if you also guessed it.

it is my choice though. there is nothing quite like reading a good book. maybe i would choose a good mystery novel; i always love wondering what is the answer and then discovering it in the end!! it is best if you can guess it before the end!!
2 rubiks cubes with booklet Smile and silicone oil (to oil the cubes)
Homewares! But I'm a nerd, so don't listen to me.

You could use some of it for books/music/DVDs and some for something else unique. I think Amazon sell clothes, too, but not sure if you can use gift cards for that.

Last GC from Amazon I got, I bought a blender Razz.
I suppose I would buy a book as well, not that I have the time for any reading these days. But then I would have one for an other day.
There's a library for books! And the only book I would get is Dan Brown - Solomon Key! And that hasn't even come out on pre-order on amazon.

I would really like a Moleskine but Amazon Canada doesn't have any!!!
70s sci-fi DVD Laughing
Use it to buy stock in their company, last time I checked it might have bought you almost 33% of 1 share. Then all you have to do is wait for it to double a couple hundred times and then you can retire, or use it to take over the world or something. Very Happy

Or I guess you could always get a book, or a movie or something like that too. Razz
being predictable - a book and/or DVD.
With thirty dollars...I would buy another aquarium filter...and with that filter, I'd have to buy another tank, and with that tank, I'd have to get another heater, and with this fitted tank, I'd have to buy some fish.

But if I didn't to spend a couple hundred dollars on fish, I'd buy a couple cd's. I mean, they're cheaper on amazon than they are in retail stores.
I would probable buy some games, music cds or dvds
Quite easily, I would buy: Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat" - a book I've skimmed through here and there, and really enjoyed. A friend read it when it first came out, and I've been dying to pick it up - but because I can borrow it from him, I wouldn't spend my own cash on it - but with a gift card I don't feel so guilty not borrowing it... and I can own my own copy (as I'd probably lose my buddies copy anyway).
knowing myself, i'd probably buy nothing, procrastinating until i found out the gift card expired..

I've purchased a book and a DVD from amazon... if I had the $30, I'd probably get these:

And I owe a little extra money...
Lonely Planet books are great, and I've read the world is flat, it's a great read.

I still can't figure out what to get! $30 is alot, yet not very much.
raine dragon
2 CDs
Good Morning Revival by Good Charlotte ($12.99)
Icky Thump by The White Stripes ($9.99)

and then Mp3s to take up the rest of it.
Agent ME
They sell stuff other than books there?
NO. best seller novel maybe, otherwise couple nic nacs
I'll buy some books.. I know there are various stuffs on but those are little bit expensive than other sites.
I got a gift card for a similar site, and I used it to buy a present for someone else when the stores outside were already closed. Smile
I recently bought a 50 dollar gift card and used it to buy cooking supplies. If I had another 30 dollar gift card I would use it to get more kitchen supplies.
That's enough for me to buy some books and or cds.
Hmm... at this point I would probably save that money until I have enough money to buy a xbox 360. A bunch of my friends already have one and I'm still stuck with a PS2, sad story huh? Anyhow I would still be afraid of the red ring o' death... ever heard about it. Err... I wonder if that bug has been fixed in a new model, oh well i dunno.
I'd get two novelty cake tins. I have just started thinking about setting up a 'cake with a difference business' but it's impossible sourcing good quality cake tins (the shaped kind) at a price which won't bankrupt me before I have even started out. Boo hoo!
Anyone got any good ideas/suggestions, please? I'd be super grateful!
I would buy someone else a $30 giftcard. Lol only joking. I would proberly buy something for my PS3 or PC. I dont like reading much so thats out the question.
Since I live in Australia and Amazon won't ship anything other than books to me, I'd get Jeremy Keith's book DOM Scripting. Although I think that that costs more than $30 Rolling Eyes
i'd get me a way better mouse. thats what i need, a gaming mouse that can change DPI and have a cool blue glow.
meet in rio
Buy coursebooks - how exciting!

For fun, I guess I'd buy something to help me learn Galician.
how many of you will seriously read those books
Unfortunately I already have it, but for other people, the one thing they really really need to get is a wonderful little movie called Wind.

Remember Top Gun? How cool it was, what with the carrier scenes and the dogfights and Russian dudes acting all evil and mysterious in their flight helmets and such?

Well, Wind is like that, except it's about sailing. And for all those that think sailing as a sport is all about relaxing on the water and then drinking heavily afterward, you're (mostly) wrong. Sailing is intense. The movie will prove it, hooyah?
You can have a lot of elctronic stuff... a 2GB USB key for exemple... of thousands of books...
guys...GET OUT...AND HAVE A LIFE...duh dont u get tired of those books...well..guess not Very Happy
haha i'd probably put it toward the Pearl Jam live box set that I cant seem to find anywhere offline!
i would probably get some programming/scripting book that I've been dying to read lately, or any kind of computer peripheral, now most likely a mouse...
I refuse to buy anything off of amazon. So If I had $30 in Amazon money I would find someone who actually went to amazon and give them the $30 for $25 in cash. Razz
I guess with 30$ you can get a wire or connection cable for your cell phone or other devices from Ebay. I bought one from it just a year ago and it's definitely not cheap, but convenient at least.
tony wrote:
i would buy a book! haha; iis the answer too predictable? well, probably too boring if you also guessed it.

it is my choice though. there is nothing quite like reading a good book. maybe i would choose a good mystery novel; i always love wondering what is the answer and then discovering it in the end!! it is best if you can guess it before the end!!

Ya me too. xD
Well its not really a book.
Its more like a sheet music collection Very Happy

I was going to get it areound a month ago but there werent any in stock, but I just checked and they have it at the moment.
So if I had that $30, I would buy it today xD
i would buy lots of mp3s for $30 dollars .. yeah they sell mp3s now Smile
I would get a DVD. Not big on reading books haha!
not just for books (Why would I buy a book - I already have one of those), dvd or video game - presume if said game is $35 then you only pay $5 with the voucher
Something small I guess
Definitely books. I always get lost in a bookstore, and no different than on Amazon. Have to hold myself back. I usually keep wishlists, so will tick off some of my favourite books to the equivalent of 30$.
I have never shopped in amazon and I rarely look at the goods found in amazon probably because I am sure that I will never be able to shop there because I live in a country far far away and have no international credit card. A gift card of 30$ would certainly solve my problem but I am not quite sure that it would be enough for me. The delivery charge would be so high that the gift card will not be able to pay for it.

So probably I will get an ebook or something which I can just download.
I would get nothing from Amazon as they rip you off!

I would turn around and sell the $30 to a friend and use the cash to go buy something!
Okay, I'm like obsessed with books...and with $30, you can really stretch your dollar by buying them used. I buy books online all the time, and I'd probably go for some that don't exist in the library.
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