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Dakar 2008 CANCELLED

The 2008 Dakar Rally has been cancelled over concerns about the safety of the event in Mauritania following terrorist threats from Al Qaeda.

The French government warned the Dakar organisers yesterday against holding stages in Mauritania because it said "the terrorist risk" could not be ruled out.

A source close to the organization has told that they have decided to cancel the event, and an official announcement is expected at 1pm in Lisbon, where the rally was scheduled to begin tomorrow.

That's really sad news, I always loved the rally Dakar, watching those bikes on the dunes is so great. But terrorism managed to ruin it down. Africa is so messed up!
Yes it's true that the Dakar is now paying the price of the lack of stability in West Africa.
I'm from France and I always like to see the Dakar on TV. That's why it's strange that now we are in January and the Dakar has been cancelled. He's more than 20 years old so it's like an habits to see the Dakar in January for french people. For the first time, its doesn't start.
We can be critics against the Dakar because it's maybe not sane to see so many technology in some of the poorest countries in the world but I think it's as well a way to show how Africa's nature is wonderful. This cancellation is one proof more, if necesary, that West Africa is going on the bad way.

It's sad, when terrorism achieves that people are afraid enough to quit doing things their normally would do, then terrorism gets their objectives also.

Causing fear is a way to attack and control people. I hate that.

well why didn't they cancel the superbowl? fifa? and many more.
terrorist don't win. the investors just backed out last minute probably. Rolling Eyes
The terrorism nowadays is fashionable. The countries are "closing" more and more the entry of foreigners. But it reached even the sport. It's really sad this cancellation, but its far better than see a car exploding due to terrorists attacks...
Its all interests, since dakar, quit to starts at paris, the rally lost its scence, so the need a new place to do it, that's all, hey with luck this year, it gonna be made in argentina, near my home, so i will love to see it with my eyes, sorry rich europeans, and africans, we win this fight, the poors south americans! Smile
that sucks
Nice bump :p
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