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Divorced and back again

must we come back
 60%  [ 3 ]
 40%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5

my wife and i where divorced a jear and a half Crying or Very sad
but the last few months we were together and is was nice Confused
now she want to marrie again we must explain this to our family
and friends and then they hate me forever!!
can someone help me or say what i must to do Wink
It is all about you and your wife no matter what your family or friends say. In the end, it is your life not their's.
But again, if you don't have a good reason to get back to your wife and you can't solve the issues led to the divorce then don't get back. The story will be told again and again if you don't solve everything before you get back.

These are my 2 cents... Smile
as long as you learned what went wrong the first time and have worked on those problems to correct it, and both of you are happy why shouldn't you try again. People make mistakes learn from them, then try not to do it again. good luck
What the heck. Why did you even get divorced in the first place?! Do you really have a stable foundation left to rebuild a marriage that's already been torn down?

Indeed. None of their business.

We are always worrying about what our family, friends and even our enemies will think of our decisions. But it is impossible to please everyone.

Be true to yourself, is your life anyway. Those who really care about you will be more than happy knowing that you are happy. It is hard but remember and let them know that the only exception to every rule is love.

Good luck!
Nice accent first of all. OK here is my opinion first concerning your relationship I would say do you honestly think that you relationship will be successful this time around. Especially after a divorce, what were her reasons for the divorce and could she easily do the same thing again. As for the part about your friends i agree with everyone else. Does not matter what they say it is your life to live.

Best of luck
If you've already been divorced once for whatever reason, won't you always have the feeling in the back of your mind that you made a mistake getting married again, and that you will only end up getting divorced again. Maybe if you told us why you got divorced, it might help give a better judgement. If you got divorced because one of you cheated on the other, it will be a lot harder to get married again than for other reasons.

My suggestion would be to wait a while longer to see if you really can stay together after getting divorced, and then think about getting married after that.
I think when you and she both have sentiment to each other, the way to come back is easier.
Women don't want to divorce, except for special cases.
And in my opinion, men are the big problem causing the crash in family.
If you want, if you still love her, if you can give these mess from your friends away, you can come back, but dont make her get missery anymore.
All are depend on yourself and hers.
I agree with TrueFact. It's not about what's best for everyone else (unless you have children). It's whats best for you and your wife. I would pray and ask God what He wants you to do. Maybe being together is a good thing, or maybe being apart will strengthen the both of you to be more sacrificial to each other, and learning that the two of you are one and therefore must get rid of all your selfish desires. I recommend going to He is a great marriage counselor and deals with a lot of marriage issues. We can give you advice, but ultimately you will need to turn to a professional. I will pray for you and your wife.
Why did you guys divorce in the first place? There must have been a real problem in the first place. Have those issue been fixed yet? Also, how was your relationship after the divorce, because it sounds like it wasn't very good for a while (which might explain why family and friends might be against it).

I don't think the decision to remarry is completely up to you and your ex-wife because a marriage isn't between just two people, it's between two families. =) Talking to your family and friends might be a good idea. It would also be a good idea to see a marriage counselor so that people against the remarriage will know that you guys are making an effort to make it work this second time around.
That's great, congratulations first!
Yeah, have you fixed the problem that caused the divorce in the first place? If you have, then you should marry again, if you could not be apart from each other than it must be because you're really mean to be! Smile

You should try to explain to family and friends that you've made a mistake before and now are trying to fix it based in the love that you found out that you still feel for each other. I mean say that everyones deserve a second chance, who wouldn't tell that a marriage deserves it too? And even if they hate you, no matter what you've done (or you wife has done...) you should remain together if you have gone trough your problems. In other words: Even if they dislike it, YOU SHOULD MARRY AGAIN!

Regardless, I don't think you are asking their permition, are you? I mean of course you want to be good with your family and friends but the most important things is the love that you feel and not what peoiple think... marry and then deal with the family and friends issue.
Everyone seems to have an opinion but you.

You ex-wife wants to marry you.
Your family and friends but be told or else...

What about you?
Did you just enjoy the last few months, because there was no commitment?
Or do you really want to get back with her...

And the reasons you guys split up...have you both grown out of those reasons, and they no longer valid...

And more than anything, do you want to marry her again?
Be honest with yourself, and her.

You can't go wrong then.

Your friends and family, should in no way influence your decision...
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