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Comic Movies

After the success of the last couple of years (sin city, 300), does anyone know of any forthcoming movies based on any comics/graphic novels?
Actually there are lots, Like the sequel to the Hellboy, and also the sequel to DareDevil also there is Iron Man coming in 2008.
someone has actually funded another Hellboy movie???

After hearing that, I'm going to look out for flying pigs today! Razz
I dont know about upcomming but nothing would suprise me!
They have made and remade almost everything!
Dragonball is being made live action this year, and x-men is doing a movie centered on the Wolverine comics.

yeah...looks awesome....can't WAIT!!!!
hopefully it will be a success....but ironman rocks SO IT WILL BE
There are actually quite a bit of graphic novel based to movies coming out soon.

You have the Dark Knight.
Iron Man.
Hellboy 2.
Watchmen (or last I heard)
Justice League of America (or last I heard)
Couple more sequels to Sin City are suppose to roll out as well.

I'm sure there are quite a few that I'm missing as well.
Hmmm? Astroboy, I wonder if it will be pure CG or live action or a mix of both. I wonder how's the treatment gonna be, anyway is it gonna be made by Hollywood or by the Japanese?
there's a new Hulk movie coming up soon. I heard Edward Norton 'll be playing bruce banner... that would be a change!
also there's the punisher and of course Iron Man.
This year looks like marvel's 'cause I think Wolverine:Origins is coming out soon as well, with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, same as in the X-Men Movies.

I'm Legend (which is already in theatres) was also based on a book, but in my opinion the book is much better, the movie isn't even similar to the book except for two things: the guy's called Robert Neville (but wasn't black, lived in England and wasn't in the army) and there are vampires (which is not quite explicited in the movie, they looked like classic zombies to me)
From IGN's upcoming movies:
Batman Dark Knight
GI Joe(!)
Hellboy 2--if you aren't excited about this, I'm willing to give you a head examination.
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Justice League
Punisher 2
Sin City 2
Spider Man 4--keep em coming.
Superman 2
Thor--the son of Odin!

Of this list, Hellboy 2, Iron Man, and Thor have me the most excited(in that order). I honestly don't know much about the Thor movie project, but it sounds inevitably cool. I recently saw the new crop of Iron Man commercials, and I am very thrilled that they seem to be walking the line between serious action/drama and Tony Stark's crass, tongue-in-cheek attitude. And the visuals are great! And as for Hellboy: Guillermo Del Toro is one of my absolute favorite director/producers, and everything he does is fresh, thought-provoking, and fundamentally entertaining. If you like movies that reward you for analyzing it, just watch any of his movies(even Mimic, really!). Hellboy the comic is a well-paced, intricate, and action-packed medium, and I loved the first movie so much that I've even picked up the kid-oriented cartoon just to sate my appetite for the Big Monkey. So, anyway, check 'em out!
Im excited about Iron Man and Thor too, since as far as I remember they never had any big screen treatment before.
I'm a bit worried about how Iron Man will turn out. From the previews I have seen it almost seems like it's meant for a younger audience. Until looking here I didn't even know they were making a second Daredevil movie and a Magneto movie! That should be cool. The new Hulk movie seems promising as well. The last one definitely left something to be desired.
Where is The Iron Man????
Its coming soon, maybe around May or June.
I just wanted to say: Lukargo I hope you realize how silly your worries about Iron Man were. The movie was definitely not a kid movie. In fact, it was one of the more adult pg-13 superhero movies. Besides that, however, Iron Man was awesome. You guys should all go see it.
Iron Man...
Why didn't I like it???

no.. it's not that I hate it, it's just that... I think I over expected it to be damn good...

and yeah... it's not a child superhero show. Maybe they're targeting those who ever saw the old iron man and now they're not a kid anymore Razz
blk3 wrote:
Hmmm? Astroboy, I wonder if it will be pure CG or live action or a mix of both. I wonder how's the treatment gonna be, anyway is it gonna be made by Hollywood or by the Japanese?

Astroboy is going to be completely live action... at least, actor-wise. Think Speed Racer or Sin City if you saw those. Sets that are completely CGI with real actors. Though I'm sure there will be real sets.

Freddie Highmore.... He's a young english actor, can't name his movies cause I never liked any of them, will be starring as AstroBoy himself.

Other big comic movies are the Captain America movie and The Spirit, the next big 300/Sin City style graphic novel adaption, also by Frank Miller... check out the posters for it, Eva Mendez and Scarlet Johannson looking very sexy and film noir.
I coudlnt be happier that Marvel has its own studios, now they can get to making their films the way they should be.

They are also bringing out a captain america film, and a few other membrs of the evengers. and then eventually they are going to make an avengers films. So look out hero fans. theres gonna be lots ofem.
Kind of cliche, but Conan the youth detective movie
I hear a Captain America movie is being made also.
After releasing Iron-Man, Incredible Hulk in 2008, you can expect Thor, Captain America and an Avengers movie in the upcoming years.
Both Iron Man and the Ed Norton Hulk movie gave hints about an Avengers movie if you knew what to look Nick Fury.
I loved all of the nods to the fans of the Hulk TV series in the 2008 Hulk movie.
I cannot wait for the Wolverine movie. Wolvie is my favorite character and IMO Hugh Jackman nailed the part.

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