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how to get results on top 10 at

Hey, Do you people know about the
the famous articles, information, reviews website, From where u can get 5 million of visitors per day onto your URL if your article posted on to the top 10 rank of front page?

Well many times i work hard to post some really Good interesting article ate digg to gain visitors but every time when i posted, someone already before my had posted and i can't get 100 visitors a day, Well I was in search of those who are really good at Dig or should we have to make one topic that one who post on digg, We all rate that topic to raise it at top, so in this way we can help each other and get daily traffic. Isn't Sound's Good? Very Happy
Its a very old trick and its not so fast also.its not worth the effort
What is the purpose, of getting an article on Digg, I mean what does it get you besides, um nothing. I never understood the purpose of that website?
It's not worth the effort? Shocked Are you mad?

5 million hits to a website is staggering, not to mention it may be brand new and have no traffic. It is definitely worth the effort, you just can't buy traffic like that.

To get to the top ten you really have to have something good. It doesn't have to be excellent if you know how to get Diggs. There are guides around and it usually involves adding lots of friends and getting a lot of Diggs very early on, then having a good stream come through to follow. Otherwise, you need some really good content. I suggest you do a Google search on this topic, or even on Digg because I have seen many articles on how to Digg well!
Yeah I agree to get a top you are going to have to have something really cool or big time news worthy.
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