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Oi gente!/ Hi people!


My name is Caroline (but I prefer just Carol) and I'm from Brazil!

I think I'm going to love posting here Smile

Oh, my english is quite bad, so be patience please Smile

So what do you know about Brazil?

Happy new year for you all!
Hi Carol,

welcome to frihost, and I´m sure your English is not as bad you think! Very Happy

What do I know about Brazil, great football team, great F1 drivers, great beaches, you love to dance!

Oh and before I forget tomention caipirinhas!

Happy new year!
Hi teko!

Well, not so sure about the great football team anymore, I mean is good but is far from being great for us here in Brazil... we've been better before, I mean.
I love F1!!! An being a girl I have to say that brazilian racers are charming Smile

And most of people love to dance, just not me LOL
I used to love F1, but then it got very boring with Schumacher winning everything Smile Although saying that I got back into it last year and I hope this years season will be much more exciting
I think it will be Smile

I mean, now Brazil has Felipe Massa, Barichello and brand new Nelsinho Piquet in F1... I'm a Nelsinho Pirquet fan since like forever and I've followed his career for so long... he is a fine racer and I think we will get some fun with him this year Smile
I hope you enjoy this place. I have. You will find something about anything you are interested in and if not you can always create a new forum topic to find someone that can chat about most things that may interest you.
well whatever about Felipe Massa I think Barrichello is past it and will not do much this year. I just cant wait till Senna´s nephew starts in F1. I think he is still making his way up throught the lower forumlas
I'm new here
my english talk is good
but in the letter..

i'm brazillian too

i need to know more of this forum Wink

Good Bye!
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