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my projects... I'm waiting "killer oppinions"


Both are based on a free template. First one is quite finished, for the second one I am still working...
Thanks for any opinion / suggestion.

Those are really nice templates. Although both are far from finished. I really like the second one. lol the retouch ad on the first site was funny. Great job. You may want t be more elaborate on your about page. I think your potential clients would like to know more about you.
Haha, I was going to use that template! But I decided to stick with my editor.

I might change the layout later this year.

My site is
ciureanuc - this is a new free template that I intend to use for a website about service providers in my area...

I didn't know how hard is to think about a website structure... I've got the template, I have an idea about what I want but I don't have the power to put this ideas in some order...
If there is any qualified webdesigners here, how can you put order in your ideas? How can you "distribute" nicely the information on your websites??

You know, I am a technical person. I worked 6 years for printing houses and I almost never did a mistake (at least in the last years). But still, when it come to do something for the web, I'm lost... I don't know why, maybe you guys can help me to understand...
I don't really like the background image much. Just looks too techy for a layout that is not.
I dont like the site, I have a low resolution monitor and have to move with the bottom bar of the navigator to see the pictures. The left menu is too wide. The unaligned sidebar-body give the feeling of a failure in the positioning of the objects. I think it can be greatly bettered. It also has not a clear statement of its porpouse.
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