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why google is best

i was reading a post right below which was asking which search engine is best and why google is king ..I think the answer is a simple as the word " simple" . Google research and development programme is quite good than others.Msn and Yahoo both are good and competitive but basically they are websites which further on add a feature of search engine while google is basically purely a search engine not a website.This lead google to focus on single thing " Give your visitor best and free".Have you ever thought before google launch about the free email,(gmail is best today),look for adsense involving people in revenue generation and fulfilling all needs for a searcher .When i search in msn god knows what comes out. Google is best because it doesnt charge anything yet earning a lot its mind games and yahoo and msn are far behind it. Soon msn will have to face competition in software department also because google is making his way out giving free...
with its strong algorithms and technologies google is by far the best search engine available..
Google reached the top for a lot of reasons : is what I use to check if my net connection is active.
It gives search results quick and clutter free - just love the simple plain interface

Gmail, Google Earth - all revolutionised the internet.

And all the stuff that came from Google labs -it's just wonderful !!

What Google didn't create, it bought - Youtube, Blogger, Google Docs ...
Google nice SE, but IMHO yahoo better
Yahoo not friendly for russian language, but searching process very good.
Google have filial in russia (, but search in native language not very good.
We have new SE - (now test period)
FunDa wrote: is what I use to check if my net connection is active.

Very Happy me too
No other search engine can match google this is why google is the best one Smile
Google has done tons of good.
imagefree wrote:
FunDa wrote: is what I use to check if my net connection is active.

Very Happy me too

Me 3. I think google is great because of google labs. I mean yes they have the best and simplest interface for searching, but labs is what puts them at the top. The things that come out of google labs are great. Although one of my favorite things about google is its linux search That there is useful.
one of the things i like most about google is that It never seems to stop surprising me with 'hidden' features, not really hidden, but weird stuff they make.
Something I found just yesterday is google translated into hacker language:
they are just great...
I love that one its all in 1337.
Google always update it's algorithms so that it can provides reliable SERPs and reduces a lot of spams. I think, that's one reason why Google still no.1 in SEARCH ENGINE ARENA.
Google is the best because we all keep use it Very Happy
If all of us start use Yahoo from now, Google will not be the best in the near future
So let's just start not to use Google to see the result
google is fast loosing ground...

according to a article i read a few dayz ago... google has got outdated algos and wont sustain as a top rated search engine 4 too long
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