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New Year Resolutions!

Okay, it's the time of the year again where we make our new year resolutions! Mine? Well, get up early, do yoga and eat healthy! Let's see how much I succeed in it!

What about your resolutions? What have you decided to stick to in the coming New Year?
Since I'm pretty satisfied with my personal development, so my resolution is just "carry on" Very Happy
Usually I make my resolutions when I realize that I need them anyway, not the end of the year...
Write more. Once daily at the very least.
Oh, and revamp my blog because I bought that domain and have this hosting and want to put it to good use.
Oh yes, and try harder in college.
Don't no what to do.... I past almost 365 days to find answer for find it for 2007
hi all,

i am also going n well n my resolution is to carryon...... and i will quit somking... so will be going gr8 after that.... hmmm.... and wat else..... willl update next year...
Indeed, there are may :

1. Be a better person (duh)
2. Try to concentrate more on studies, and less time from the computer.
3. Try to develop a varied interest in sports and not just stick to one game; volleyball

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Laughing

Happy New Year, everyone! Very Happy
Well only one:

1) Not to make any new resolutions this year before completing tthe previous ones!
Yeah, I don't think I'll have any, pointless!
Only one resolution for this new year!

"No more new year resolutions"
I don't really do new year's resolutions. but this year, i want to try. hehe. I will try my very best to organize my life.. and sleep early. haha.
I hope to eat healthier and exercize frequently, as well as keep trucking with personal growth. Very Happy
I need to stop procastinating. grrrrrrr I hate myself.. pause....NOT!
meet in rio
I will probably not make much of an effort to keep any of these, but for the sake of it:

1. Write to people. Proper pen-and-paper letters.
2. Throw myself into certain projects.
3. Be thriftier.
4. Avoid obsession.
5. Keep up all of my languages.
6. Keep my room clean/tidy enough for me to not spend half an hour looking for things every morning.
7. Be bold with essays. Crazy interpretations etc.
8. Read more proper theology.

I was reading a book the other day and the word 'artless' jumped out of me. I need to think about that word more, too.
Very Important Ones
Go on a diet
pass my driving test
find myself a girlfriend

Not So Important Ones
Stop getting in arguments with people
Dont leave all college work until last minute

My new years resolution this year is to focus myself.
Usually I am all over the place doing anything I can all the time even if it won't benefit me or anyone close to me.

I'm going to quit my meaningless high paying job and work at my karate studio to help it grow and to learn so that I can run my own some day.
I'm going to focus on school work and not get distracted by my mother's wants and needs. I have been serving to her whims my entire life, it's time i find some of my own. She just moved 1800 miles, so that should help.
I'm going to be more confident in myself. I know I share this one with many people. ^^; I need to be more confident in myself so that I can find someone to be with without thinking I'm not worth it.

And that should do it.

2008 for most of us. Seems like a nice year.
To be more confident and more social and more open so I can get more friends and get to know my current ones better.

And of course the main reason is to get a girlfriend.
I wanted stop smoking last year.. but I failed... Crying or Very sad
But.. I'm going to try it again this year..
My New Year resolution is pretty simple which I can hopefully accomplish as I only have two resolutions.
1. Gain 25-30 more lbs.
2. Find another career opportunity where the company will appreciate my efforts more.
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