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The Hitman

Anyone already seen this movie?
How was it any comments? Im waiting for the launching of this movie.
I saw this a few weeks ago. Not a bad film, worth watching if your into this sort of thing.
Look promising but like so many that came before.. it could turn out wasting the resources. But, still we will go and watch it, just because it's The Hitman or any other hero type kind of movies.

Let's just see it and enjoy 2 hours of entertainment.....
first adaptation of a computer game that was (a) a a good movie & (b) had a similar tone to the game.

They humanised the hitman character with his 'love interest' of sorts but that had to be done to avoid a sterile 1 dimensional character. No one would have identified with him if he was simply a cold killer.

Good movie - fight scenes were really well choreographed & Dougray Scott was very good
I wasn't sure if that movie would be good, I guess I'll have to rent it.
I had played the Game Hitman. Whats the story? Is it based on any novel?
I am a huge fan of Hitman series.
In my humble opinion the movie sucks big time.
It lacks the silent assassin feeling and is quite boring, nothing to do with the game series.
Anyway, no surprises, tends to be just like that in these videogame to big screen endeavors.
another videogame to movie.. looks interesting but i'll prob wait for it to come on cable to see this one. The preview doesnt make me wanna watch it on the big screen.
it was never going to be shawshank but it's a good enough movie to kill a couple of hours with !
Fights and the style of the hero are kind of similar to that of the "Bourne" series. The plot isn't as complicated though.
I liked the movie overall.
I've seen it 5 times in one week! i like that movie too much i think Razz
The best and most concise way to describe this movie is eye candy. I was anxiously anticipating this movie and after finally seeing it, it fell slightly short of what I was hoping for. I personally don’t mind eye candy cause, again, one of the main reasons to see a movie is to be entertained and eye candy can be entertaining so long as something in it has some substance. The substance in this case comes in the form of decent action, a not-so-bad storyline, and seeing Timothy Olyphant (Agent 47) in a role unlike any other I have ever seen him do. I had my doubts on the decision to cast him in the lead for this film, but he was sharp and pulled it off nicely. Granted, not nearly as good as when I had doubts about Christian Bale as Batman, or Daniel Craig as 007. We all know how that turned out. At certain moments he looked, acted, spoke, and even moved like a video game character. Not sure if that is good or bad, I guess it depends on if you’re familiar with and/or a fan of the game. This is not his best performance in a film, but it did broaden his repertoire.
I played game Hitman , but this movie associated with "Born Ultimate". It's big mistake for scenario of the game line.
I caught this movie last week on a business trip to Dallas. I was very impressed with the look and the way the material of the game was so accurately portrayed. The stashing of weapons everywhere was good stuff.

I haven't played all the Hitman games, just the sequel on PS2 actually, but I felt the content and the character were great and the whole "When does a good man kill?" thing was great moral chowder.

I just love the black suit, white shirt and red tie.


I like the game "hitman", is this serious adapted by the game about a killer? if so, i would be interested in it.
I haven't seen Hitman. Is this an animation movie or real-life? If it's worth watching, I'll borrow it if it's out on DVD.
mattchun wrote:
I like the game "hitman", is this serious adapted by the game about a killer? if so, i would be interested in it.
Yep, a real movie, not a cartoon. Becuz its about a mass murderer it didn't get much advertising.

http://www. hitmanmovie .com/

IMDB has a page on it too

There is a scene where they show the game, not too cool, but keeps to the roots of the story.

Another scene where 47 is walking a hallway and its exacty the same perspective as the game and I really thought that was an awesome touch. Movies about games will always fail if they take themselves too seriously. COUGH DOOM COUGH


I find the main character is not cool enough to carry the weight of the film. Should have someone else in the role, but it's not easy to carry an icon to a silver screen. Just see how Cage fall flat on the Devil. There is nothing wrong with Hitman, just there is no enough coolness about the movie.
I saw the movie for a long time ago and it was good Applause
But it was something wrong with it, can`t say what it was but it was something Think

Im also a great fan of the hitman games, just have to love them Very Happy
Headhunter123 wrote:
I saw the movie for a long time ago and it was good Applause
But it was something wrong with it, can`t say what it was but it was something Think

Im also a great fan of the hitman games, just have to love them Very Happy
I had that "feeling" of something being off. At first it was because I couldn't control the man! It hit me was that I felt sorry for 47.

I never felt bad for him in the game cuz it wasn't real enough. The movie made it more real and really easy to like the cold hearted killing machine Number 47.

See how that conflicts?

I had a tough time "feeling sorry" for him while enjoying the bloody carnarge he leaves in his vast wake.

I m conflicted...
the movie was... mwa

but way has hitman the movie his code (on the back of is neck) on his head?

in the games the code is nice in the neck and u dont see it when he has a costum on. in the movie is right on his head...

big mistake from the makers
I'm not sure I should watch this movie - I mean, I loved some of the games but catching the same 'feel' in a movie-setting seems like a hard thing to do. They're like, totally different things and if the movie is too much like the game I doubt it could catch my interest.

What would you recommend?
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