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Alien Syndrome (Wii)

Hey all,

Alien Syndrome is a game I received as a Christmas gift this past year. I've read some very critical reviews of this game and why it is soooo terrible. It's actually a great game when given the chance by people who have decent intelligence. I don't feel up to writing a complete review for the game, so I'll just list a few interesting aspects in the game that may grab some people's attention. This game definitely has some flaws, but it's really fun.

The Good:
+ Really cool inventory system with tons of variations on items.
+ up to 4 players can join the brawl.
+ Melee combat as well as ranged.
+ Leveling up lets you increases status and proficiencies of your choice
+ Interesting, challenging variety of enemies.
+ Choose a class at the beginning of the game (Seal, Sharpshooter,
Tank, Firebug, Demolition expert)
+ you have a little robot that you can use to craft items. he is also a portable turret.
+ switch between melee weapon, Main weapon and secondary weapon with the push of a button.

The Bad:
- Very little storyline.
- Sub-par graphics
- Crappy, annoying sound.
- difficult to execute special melee attacks.
- Cutscenes are boring

There are plenty more good features than bad ones.

Well, take it easy and....

Keep it real...........
Interesting. I don't think it deserves to be a full priced game, just by looking at it, though. I'd happily pay half the price of a full Wii game, but not much more.

I wouldn't say that respected game critics were unintelligent however, they know alot more about the elements that make a good game than we do. I think part of it is looking at the whole game. Sure, this part of its good, even though this parts bad, but should we really forgive its negative parts when it would obviously be a better game without them, esspecialy when they expect the same respect as near-flawless games at the same price?
I wasn't much of a fan of the original game on the Sega Master System, so it is unlikely I will ever buy this one unless I see it for $10.
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