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Guild Wars

Is anybody a Guild Wars player? I <3 that game. What do you do on it if you play? PvP, PvE, GvG? What do you like about it? I'm a PvEer mostly, but my bf's into PvPing so I'm trying my hand at that too a little bit Smile
I actually have that game.. never played it.. my friend bought it, lost the cds, lost the code, lost cds, lost code and then lost interest. So I relieved him of his cds until he finds the code.
Hi there,

Played the game for 2 years. Was leader of a Guild and in our good days we even managed the top100 in GVG. those were some nice days...but well, people grow up and gets different ideas and major players started to lose interest and the guild ended up being merged into another. Although i dont play anymore i still like to keep an eye on it to know how's the SotG going and the guilds that still persist Smile

Stay Cool.
Lol at losing the codes, that sucks! I'm sure if you wanted to try playing I could get you a couple keys... Which games do you have?

That's awesome that you were in top 100. My boyfriend is in a guild that's crazy into GvG and PvP, they're going for top 500 right now, they went from rank 1500 to 900 something last night for winning 4 in a row... then they lost one and were afraid to keep going, lol. StoG?
Yeh, losing codes does suck, but what sucked worse for me was losing my freaking E-mail address password -.- I was like 11 when the first one came out, thought I was cool. Started playing. Enjoyed the game. Then my comp fried and my pass was just a bunch of random #'s and symbols.

On topic: Yeah, that was a really great game. Wish the lvl cap was higher though.
yeah top game, used to play non stop, then life got in the way, i have a few level 20's necro minion master, ranger which i usually use for either trapping or just damage dealing, infact i a few level 20 rangers, i used to be a toptal ranger ******, but playing as a minion master is very fun, having a hord of minions following you around.

use vampiric minions, they attack and give health to you, then you sac your own health to heal them and keep them alive longer. then they fight and heal you, its a beautifull partnership Razz
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