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Looking for Feedback on Re-design

I finally worked up the gumption to take a hack at re-doing the style of my site, and some feedback would be muchly appreciated.

The new style is at:

The old style is now at:

Overall, I think it's an improvement. The biggest changes you'll notice are the new header and a different color scheme. The old one seemed kind of dingy and outdated.

I'm still not entirely happy with it, though. The h2 tags don't seem quite right, and I'm thinking of changing around the layout of the content on the front page.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
- Walkere
i think the old one is better.
I like the New one..
Not much of a difference between the two eh? The old logo looks like you put more effort into it, but there's not enough contrast between the text and the background, the new one needs a logo or something in it, other than just text. It also doesn't completely extend all the way to the border of the page, leaving a bit of white in between it and the border.

Also, the background for your body text really should be white, while the overall background of the entire page needs to be something other than white (a darker color) so the users attention is drawn towards the center.

Hope that helps.
Personally, I would change the blue header backgrounds to either the same shade of green as the header of the page, or to a more in-keeping colour. I think it's currently too much of a clash of colours.

I also quite liked the older design - perhaps just updating the colour scheme could make it a bit better looking... just a thought.
Thanks for the feedback.

Took a couple of the suggestions.

@donutey: I fixed the header so it goes all the way across. That was just a bit of oversight... whoops.

Also, changed the outside body background to a dark gray for some contrast. I like the content area background being a muted off-white though - seems easier on the eyes to me. Some glaring white can get to be annoying after a while.

As for the logo, I agree it needs something else. Guess that'll be on the to-do list.

@Animal: Took your suggestion and changed the blue header backgrounds to green. I was a bit uneasy about them, too.

Thanks again,
- Walkere
SlowWalkere wrote:
@Animal: Took your suggestion and changed the blue header backgrounds to green. I was a bit uneasy about them, too.

IMO it looks much better now.

Glad to be of some help!
I like the addition of the drawings, but they don't look like they are a part of the website. They seem very separated. I think part of that has to do with the white background. Not that white is bad, in fact, it may be best behind the text. I would play around with the images, though and see what you can do to make them look more a part of the website. Perhaps have them interact more with the text? Maybe have the same background as the text?

Also, why did you re-design your website? Were you getting feedback that it was difficult to use? Were you incorporating new features? The answer to this question should inform the rest of your redesign.

Good luck!
i liked you taste in choosing the clean design. I totally liked the design.

you have choosen one of the best colors which is appreciated.

I would like to suggest you work little more harder and find the perfect green color which is recommended for web designing.

Over all the design and style is very good. appreciate you work

keep up the good work and be the best in what you do.
I like the new one. It is much cleaner. However the green might be too bright.
I like the new design better, the colors are more apelling. The google ad's are better interagated into the site. The new design is better then the old design, but I would say it could be better.
I loke your new layout looks alot more clear. Keep it up!
sorry to say buddy, but somehow i am not able to check out the layouts. so cant comment anything on it.
well anyways all the best for your work,
take care,
The new one looks better.

I much prefer the new color scheme, but it doesn't look quite right. I'm using Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 8.04 at 1152x768 and there's obviously some css problem. Screenshot here.
I like the second, but the gray background and bright green headers seem to clash...
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