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Lan XP and 98 crossover

I try to get a local area network to work with two computers. It's a windows 98 and a windows xp computer that is connected through a crossover cable. I have not very much experience of this but after I have set a static ip it works better but not very good. the xp computer has ip: and the win98 ip: Both has subnet mask

I have tried to do a lot of things but I can't get it to work. I want to be able to play games but as it is now only the windows xp computer can see if the win98 create a game but it's not possible to join. Yesterday, before I reinstalled my XP, it was the opposit.

I have no ideas left so please help me.
you please just try and for another and the subnet mask be for your cross cable it will work
It makes no differents. If I try to ping the other computers ip it only return timeout.
Peterssidan wrote:
It makes no differents. If I try to ping the other computers ip it only return timeout.
First of all, and quite important, are you sure the cable is correct? Are you sure it is a cross cable and are you sure the cable works?
After that, its important to set correct subnet mask and ip address, the addresses you suggested seem to be correct. Next problem will probably be the firewalls. I don't know if any of the computers has a firewall installed, but you have to set a "trusted zone" in the firewall. So it knows it doesn't have to block traffic coming from the other computer. I can give you more info on this if you provide us with information on your firewall.
Another issue which sometimes gives problem is the workgroup, windows computers will see eachother faster when the workgroup is set to the same name. Default workgroup is MSHOME, but it is possible that one of the computers has another workgroup set, make sure they are set the same and it could prevent some problems.
Also, for some computer games some extra protocols have to be installed, please list the game(s) you tried to play, will make it easier to help.

Good luck!
I have solved the problem. The cable was not very good. Now I can make it work but if I move the cable it can stop to work. A new cable will make it perfect.
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