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iTunes purchase

Tony The Tiger
My United Airlines frequent flyer miles will expire on December 31, 2007 if my account has no activity. Therefore, I was attempting to purchase an album on the United Mileage Plus Mall through iTunes to generate activity that would give my miles another eighteen months. I tried to enter the Mall to make a purchase from the drop down menu at and I kept getting errors. It kept trying to access the iTunes software on my laptop outside of the browser, which would have screwed up the effort to generate activity for my frequent flyer account. It did not even successfully access the software. I was unable make a purchase. I am wondering why I am having so hard a time making the iTunes purchase at the United Mileage Plus Mall.
If the only reason you're wanting to buy is to keep your frequent flyer miles alive, I'd suggest buying something else that doesn't crash your browser. Then if you want the album, buy it in a real store where you'll get it as a CD without any DRM: it will then work on any computer, CD player, etc and be much higher quality.
Tony The Tiger
I got fortunate because when I called the United Mileageplus Mall Customer support and went through all the steps to make the iTunes purchase online through their service I produced the problem and they could not solve it over the phone. They gave me a nominal credit and my miles will be preserved for another eighteen months.
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