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Hi all,

In an effort to widen my sites appeal (by having more variety) and increase the number of pages on my site I am running a once off competition.

The winner will be the person that adds the most information to my site during the contest.

Here's how it will be scored:

Each Artist added to my site = 1 point
- You must complete the following fields: Artist Name, Origin, Active Dates, Band Members
- You must upload an photo of the band/artist or their logo
- You will not earn extra points for other fields

Each album added to my site = 3 point
- You must complete the following fields: Album Name, Year Of Release, Record Label, Album Type
- You must upload an image of the album's cover art
- You must include a full track listing
- You will not earn extra points for other fields

Each Song Lyric added to my site = 1 point
- Song pages are automatically created when they are listed on an album, in order to get a point for a song page, that page must have the song lyrics added by the time the competition closes.
- For the purposes of this competition, you will only get points for lyrics that you added to songs that you also added.

Each Band member/music person = 1 point
- Person pages are automatically created when they are listed in a band or album/song credits. In order to get a point for a person page, that page must be updated with Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Date of Death (if applicable) by the time the competition closes.
- You must also upload a photo of the person.
- For the purposes of this competition, you will not get any points if you were not the person who initially added the music person to the database, regardless of whether or not you update their details.

Each review you add to my site = 0.5 points
- If you review an artist, album, song, or music person, you will recieve 0.5 points

The contest will end when one of the following conditions is met:

- A single person reaches a points score of 50. The competition will automatically end - that person will be the winner.
- 2 weeks after the 5th person has entered into this competition - whoever has the highest score at the end of two weeks wins.
- If the competition isnt really working out for whatever reason (e.g. not enough contestants), I will declare it over. There will be no winner. All entrants will be compensated in Frih$ an amount comparable to their points score at the closing of the competition.

To enter into the competition, go to and register (its very simple, username, email address and password are all you need). Then post your username here. Once you have scored your first point you have entered into the competition. Simply registering and posting your username here does not automatically enter you into the competition - YOU MUST BEGIN SCORING POINTS.

Good luck.
Star Wars Fanatic
Looks like a cool site, and I'd love to do it, except, I can't seem to register, I click on the only register link I saw, underneath the login button, and it takes me to this url:

Which does nothing, which leads me to this suggestion:
1) Have that fixed
2) Have a bigger and more obvious registration button! I had to look all over the place for it, the average person who visits won't be looking for it, and won't register, if you had something big and obnoxious they might register!

Just some ideas, and let me know what the link is for registration, as I would like to help you out.
Yeah, Star Wars Fanatic has a point...

I tried everything trying to get to register page, but couldn't find it.
I'm not going to take part but I'll post anyway. seems to be correct page. Visit another page and it's at the bottom. Still need to fix the register link though!

Offer more points for the albums. They require more info for the artist so deserve more rewards (IMO).

Good Luck Smile
Thanks for posting the link Mathiaus, its the correct one.

I've updated the register link and maybe over the next week if i get time (it's hard with NYE and everything) i''ll make it more obvious.

I also updated the album points to 3 as you guys suggested.

Star Wars Fanatic
I've signed up, thanks for fixing the link Smile

My username is:
Star Wars Fanatic Razz

Btw, how are you keeping track of this? Do we post anytime we add anything? Or will you just keep a look out for the usernames and what they are adding?

I've already added some stuff, I'll do a more later.
Wow, cool contest and cool site!
I've registered there with username Arseniy. Going to start publications now!Razz
[quote="Star Wars Fanatic"]Btw, how are you keeping track of this? Do we post anytime we add anything? Or will you just keep a look out for the usernames and what they are adding?quote]

Every time you add something into the database I record who you are..

I'll run an sql query to pick up the totals each user added during the competition, but only where all the required fields are completed.

By the way, just a guess, I haven't run any queries yet, but it seems that you are in the lead.
Star Wars Fanatic
Well that's a surprise, and thanks, I'll be posting some more stuff when I have time tomorrow.
I guess I should've thought about the points structure a bit more.

Star Wars Fanatic is clearly in the lead and could reach the 50 point mark soon (automatic win).

You can check the rankings here:

You'll see that it is really easy to get points so if you want to win the 100FRIH$ you should be able to do it really quickly and easily.

Register and get started now. You could win with less than a few hours work.
Looking to get some more entrants soon, otherwise, I'll probably close this early and give those contestants in the comp some frih$ comparable to their points score.
Star Wars Fanatic
It's unfortunate that no one is entering, it's kind of fun entering info knowing that lots of people will benefit from it.

P.S. Because of school I won't be able to do much, I'll see if I can get one last push to get to 50 points, but that will be a little later...
I guess I'll have to end this now.

Ok the final standings were

1. Star Wars Fanatic - 35 points
2. Arseniy - 4 points

I have paid you both some frih$

Thanks for your help.
Star Wars Fanatic
Hey sorry I didn't do more, ran into school junk, thanks for the Frih$ Smile
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