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Portfolio for web and graphic designer

I just put my first website up(meaning with my name on it.) It's

I just got the first page done and nothing else. Tell me what you think of it.
Nice and simple. You might want to try pre-loading those images in your navbar, though.
How would I go about doing that. I have always wanted to know.
here are three reference articles about preloading images.
Page was checked in Opera browser 1024x762 resolution.
Like your neet template and colour gamma. Easy to read, visitor's eye don't stuck on any graphic element or word. Reflection of the "Links" title is different then other ones.
Link in head of the page isn't working correctly. Maybe you've forgotten to add from the begining

Your link for now is:

P.S. Tell us when you'll fulfil your portfolio page. Really want to see your works! ...And sorry for my poor english Rolling Eyes
Yeah that's a mistake, thanks I better correct that. Thanks for your input as well, I am glad you checked it on Opera.
For me it looks like free template for WordPress (this same style).
Maybe it's just me, but Under logo there is lot of empty space ... text is starting there , where right frame (cool links) is ending.
Maybe it's something with floats ?
It's not a free template. I made that myself. And about the space, the margin difference in Firefox and Internet Explorer create such a space. Also I have a clearing div in between the navigation and the content below it.
I've only said that it looks like free template, not that it is a free template Smile It's in this same schema/style.
Yeah I knew you weren't saying that.I just wanted you to know that it wasn't.
My portfolio page is now done:

Tell me what you guys think.
Logo looks bad and raise the padding of text in footer. That`s first thing I noticed and I don`t like.
Now I`m going to look lil deeper.

and... Smile

HTML+CSS I like it Smile
Site is simple and clean and that`s good, but maybe replace <img> for headers to <div><span>Header</span></div< or something and code div for background-image and span to display: none;, so You`ll get site without images for print etc.
What do you think is wrong with the logo? Have you viewed the site in firefox to see the padding issue at the bottom? Also, I don't exactly know how to do the header thing, but I will try. I know some people have tried to show me, but I will take another wack at it.

Thanks for your comments!
I would use and instead of << and >> in the text right below the logo.
I think it would look better with some more padding at the left of the text. Also in the dark box at the right.
In the menu at the top (that needs preloading), the text turns orange when you hover them. But why aren't the mirrored text orange? That is unnatural to me. Did you forget? Or is it blue (or black?) for a reason?
It would be nice if the top of the blue box (at the right) and the top of the headline "Web" started at the same Y-koordinate. Or maybe the baseline of "Web" and "Churches" in the box.
Else; nice and clean.
Good luck on your designing carreer.
I guess I never got around to making the reflection orange. Thanks for the heads up. I am trying to make it better and better as the days go by.
Nice site with beautiful graphics. The code is okay. Layout is very nice. Colours aren't so common, but they work Wink
Great use of colours, but the portfolio looks like it needs a little something. Maybe add some more of the main graphics that you have used from the main index.html page.

Love the lightbox, Javascript code you have used also, that is a very elegant effect for a portfolio and allows the viewers ease of use.

All in all, this is one of the best sites i've seen for a first time designer.

Keep up the good work and continually hone your skills,
Xeter Design
Thanks for your tips and critiques. I will probably have a "featured site" section on the index page, so that people can see what I do. I am working on some more sites so that I could build up my portfolio.
Website design is quite simple... and if you want to attract some clients you should design some unique website that will pull people into your website...

It has to be original so people will then recognize your style etc...

Put some more work btw... and it will be alright ^^

keep up with the good work!
I am still working on some sites for my portfolio, so I will update on when that will be.
I like the clean look. That's a good start.
It's always harder to do your own site than it is to do a site for someone else. Give it some time. Let it evolve. As you get a feel for who you are as a developer, you'll get a better idea of what you want to put on your site.
Right now, it just kind of looks like you're not really sure what to put up there (I have the same problem - I like clean code, and I end up with a sparse look)
Thanks for the tips. I know what you mean about designing your own stuff. I took forever to design my logo. I hated every bit of the first one.
Ok, I am not a web page expert so your getting feedback from an average user ok. It's great I love the look of your pages. For one thing it white I love something bright and happy. Sometimes dark is good too but it depends on the content.

The first page for me (browser?) there is a big white space with "what i do" down below. It's like something is missing? It's great the top links about you were the first I tried but then nothing changed.. opps it did i just had to scroll down, hay nice picture of a guy lol.

Then, I followed a link about something to do with movies but when I got there (another location) the links didn't work, not even the one that said click here and the image will grow up big for you - which it didn't, and off to another page that said something about work in progress maybe... oh I don't like pages that say that or say underconstruction but thats just me.

All in all though, these pages show professionalisn and I would hire you if I had the money of course haha. But seriously, nice work, keep up the good work and Very Happy thank you for showing them. Hope this helps.

lol It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. The one about the YouTube videos is the End Time Army Youth website. It's up to them t place videos on there website. I built it for them to use, but I guess they aren't using it. They have someone to update there website, but if they don't ask him to then he won't. I guess I will alk to them to see what's going on.

As for the Church website, they have hired me to completely redo everything(which I am working on now) So they didn't want people to be deceived by the first page with no links anywhere.

Thanks for your input. BTW What browsers are you guys using?
Overall, I love it. It shows that you are a graphic artist type person!!!

The only oddity is the location of the main nav bar. Most sites put it below the title, and on the right hand side. Your navigation is in a 'cold spot' because that is where most sites put advertisements.

very clean code.
Hello there.
Good day.

Hey, that's a nice and simple site...simple is beautiful..
keep it up...
Thanks. I try not to do what others do so that my sites may be unique and original. I also like making things simple, but outstanding. I haven't reached the outstanding part, but I will one day. Thanks for your comments.
Its looking quite nice now, but I think the sidebar looks a bit out of place. For a start, ithe fonts are different from the main body text and so are the headings. Maybe you could add a bit of padding, too?
I am doing an entirely new layout for my site. I am using some new techniques that I have learned as well. I will let you know when this will happen.
OK I have redesigned the look of my website and am still working on it, but I wold like you guys to see what Ihave done so far and maybe you could give me some tips.

web 2.0 Very Happy
firs design is great but the second is better
its too simple for my style ... sorry but not my type.

but thinking as a person with such type... not bad! Razz
salman_500 wrote:
its too simple for my style ... sorry but not my type.

but thinking as a person with such type... not bad! Razz

I agree - too somple and no real "Design" for a graphic designer. - it should have a real design dlare to it.
You mean like some crazy design stuff going on? My approach is to not wow anyone with my site, but instead show them what I can do through the work and at the same time show them how simple of a person I can be. I want a lot of different types of clients.
thewebkid wrote:
You mean like some crazy design stuff going on? My approach is to not wow anyone with my site, but instead show them what I can do through the work and at the same time show them how simple of a person I can be. I want a lot of different types of clients.

I can appreciate that but you aree going too far in the other direction. As a potential client looking at the site it does not impress me therefore i would probably end up lookinf elsewhere.

Your website is there to wow clients and show them your best stuff. Its obvious that you can do simple stuff.

You need to draw clients in and make them interested. - I'm sorry top say that as is, its just not interestiong enough to draw clients in on the design of the site alone.
Well I guess your right. I will just have to start making some crazy stuff, to start drawing people to my website. Thanks!
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