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Assistance with User Webmail, please.

Hey everyone. I haven't used frihost in a while, but when I used to use it, I could easily set up user webmail so that whoever I wanted to offer an email account to, I could. Now it seems, however, that they must be able to log into the CP in order to have a mail address. Am I incorrect in this? It seems like when I try to give someone a mail account, it won't allow access unless they have the admin CP name and password. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
Can we setup also the email we created and view it on Outlook Express..?
fizzo wrote:
Can we setup also the email we created and view it on Outlook Express..?

That, I can actually answer. So proud of myself. hehe...

The answer is yes. The confirmation email that you receive in your "contact" email has the server information and all that in it.

Both SMTP and POP3 are:

mail.(your domain)

But the rest of the info you need (like default password and all that) is in that email. Also, if you can log into your webmail, you can click on "configure mail client" in your webmail opening screen and it will do it automatically for you. There may be a couple things that you'll want to tweak... for instance, the display name, whether you want to save a copy on the server, etc. But other than those things, it sets it up quite nicely and quickly.
Also... I figured out a work-around to my problem. It was actually more tricky than I would have expected. It would be great to just have the webmail "home" URL in the information we receive in our initial email.
Instead, I had to play with logging in, setting up an account, logging out, logging back in, copying the URL to the webmail site, log back out, log out of Cpanel (if you're still logged in, it automatically opens up the master email account), pasting the URL into the address bar, logging into the Cpanel from THERE, then the mail, then opening a secondary account via the master account, logging out of mail, then going to log back in, then copying THAT URL, then pasting that URL to the weblink on our site. **takes deep breath**

Now I think it works.
Thanks I will try it later... Thanks for the quick reply!
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