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Scary IE/Spyware suspicion problem

Da Rossa
This is driving me crazy. Although I use FF, IE should be working fine. My OS is WInXP Home SP2.

When I try accessing ANY address in IE, this shows up:

Which, translating, means: "Address Bar:
(url) is not available right now."

I tried a scan with Spybot 1.4, that could successfully update (been a long since I last scanned with it) but, when the scan is approx @ 75%, it crashes with no error message. When I retry the scan, the same errors are found at the beginning of the scan but at the same ~75% it shuts suddenly.

Then I tried installing Ad-Aware 2007; the installation was unsuccessful "because of an inner problem".

Another thing that might be connected to this: MSN Messenger 8.1 is not opening as well. The msnmsgr.exe process is in the taskmanager, but nothing happens. It doesn't use more than 1000k of RAM, what is absolutely weird.

What is this? What is going on? What should I do? Should I be scared? Razz
Try PrivacyKeyboard, it has free trial version, it's fully functional, perhaps it'll block something, I've been using it as a real time protection for quite a time and it's pretty reliable.
Da Rossa
I can't afford any shareware apps Sad specially not the ones with a trial period, that just make you get dependent on it.... thanks for the suggestion though.
Try running an anti-virus program - this sounds a little more severe than an adware infection. If you don't have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed, try downloading the free McAfee Stinger and running it. This will hopefully get rid of the infection. Once you've done so, I'd recommend installing an anti-virus program with real-time protection. There are several free examples of this software available (such as AVG)
Da Rossa
I tried Stinger, a Scan in my main drive returned no threats. I already have NOD32 2.7 updated working, a prior scan cleaned 2 insects. However, IE6 won't update to IE7... the download of the update just doesn't take place. Also, it appears that the pages are more difficult to load, some don't, and need a refresh. (This in Firefox).
sounds like your network / connection settings for ie are incorrect.
in ie go to check tools -> internet options connections and check the settings. Are you using a proxy?

you might want to compare your ie settings to the settings in firefox as they seem to be correct in ff. (connection settings are under tools-> advanced -> network -> settings in ff.

good luck Wink
Da Rossa
I finally fixed it, don't know how! Smile
IE7 fianlly downloaded the hotfixes. Thanks anyway!
why are you using IE how about firefox:)
Da Rossa
Because sometimes it's necessary to be logged in simultaneously in two google/blogger accounts Sad
Of course FF is better, no discussion about that.
I don't believe blogger would have anything harmful... and yes, why don't you use Firefox or Opera or Safari?
There's alot of popular alternatives Very Happy

Why use IE when you can experience Web 2.0 the real way? Rolling Eyes
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