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can love make people smarter?

Can love make people smarter?I think a lot of people just become more and more stupid when they are falling love.It seems that all of their life are full of stupid love ,what they concern are their "prince" or "princess".they just lose themselves and devote all of their time to other people.
Hahah! I don't think love makes people any smarter than they already are. I also don't believe love makes people stupid. People generally already have their own beliefs about love and behave accordingly. It seems like what you're trying to say is that love makes people stupid because they have sigh high ideals about the matter. However, what about cynics who do not believe in love at all?
I do believe that TRUE love will eventually makes people smarter. I emphasize the word "TRUE" coz only people who are inlove in truth and in bold can feel or will become as such. Most philosophers say that love will make you more human. Human in a sense that you will grow more better spiritually, physically, intellectually...etc....
it all depends on the person or people involved

love as such does not make anyone smarter just like money does not make any one richer

if you people can understand this, i need not say any thing more
love makes blind, and you can't learn if you can't see a thing. braille will be an option, but you never learned it and if you are in love, your girlfriend/boyfriend wife/husband keeps screaming at you. and them noone can explain braille to you. Very Happy

so my conclusion; if all people keep falling in love, we will deevolve to apes
Very Happy
I don't necessarily think that love makes a person smarter or even less intelligent, as you've mentioned. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of certain aspects of life due to being preoccupied with the person with whom you are in love, thus unconsciously abandoning friends, family, and all other priorities. I'm not above watching people neglect their friends for their girlfriends/boyfriends and thinking that they're unintelligent for doing so. However, a part of me also realizes that it's difficult to juggle friendships with a romantic relationship, so not being able to do this really isn't stupid at all.

As for love making a person smarter, I only think that it makes one more aware of certain things. For example, it's difficult to make someone happy while keeping yourself happy at the same time. There are almost always sacrifices that need to be made in a relationship, or else it simply won't work. How much you can comfortably sacrifice can open your eyes to how much you're willing to do for other people and to what's most important to you. In turn, the sacrifices made (or not made) by your partner may teach something about the selflessness or selfishness human nature. While one person cannot represent the entire human population, it's still interesting to really get inside the head of that one person and to find out what makes them tick. There's always something to learn from forming a close bond with another person, and although I don't think that bit of knowledge necessarily makes one smarter, I'm sure that there are people out there who can argue that it does. Either way, it definitely makes a person more experienced if not more intelligent, so there's always something to be gained.
People can definately be blinded by love (although, if this hapens, is it really love?). It all depends on your perspective.
it depends on what you call smart....

regaurding sheer intelligence or regaurding common sense?

a person can be super smart about facts and formulas and
the matter of matter parts of life.....but be clueless when it comes
to intuitional things...they might lack an understanding of the
'human condition' with it's many variables and subtlties, it's
very nature of unending complexity......

like you know, the rainmen who you'd totaly let do your
taxes or balance your check book but you wouldn't trust
them to go out by themselves into public 'cause they'll freak
out when some poor clerk says they're all out of 'spam' and
then start screaming about only buying underwear
on tuesdays at K-mart.......

And then there's the people who can't even figure out how
to write a check, or don't know how many days there are in
a year...but they have learned different things like how to read
people and manuver their way through life effortlessly.

It just comes down to what a person is learning about...

if you want to learn life lessons regaurding patientce, tolerance,
compassion, empathy, selflessness, understanding, sacrafice, and/
or the abiility to interperate and express emotion to others..........................

then yes "loving" ANYONE (family, friend, or lover) can make you "smarter".....

can it make you stupider? well it can, depnding on how you choose
to react to the emotion of "love", it can cloud your vision or influence
your judgement....

with all things, love can effect your reaction...
but 10 percent of life is the reality,
and 90 percent is reaction....

so I think you get what you give....

if you let it make you wiser it will....

if you let it make you act will

..................that was a nickle, i want my change now
Assuming hate is dumb and love is the opposite of hate, love has to be intelligent. Very Happy

You can learn how to care for someone and how to understand someone - the light way (having a great time because you do) or the hard way (having argues because you don't).
I think you can learn a lot about feelings with love, but you can make a bunch of mistakes, that's true. I don't think it makes dumb. Unless you're resistant to experience.

And, when we stay in the metaphorics: Love doesn't make blind. It just makes you to ignore some things, makes you to close your eyes. You will open it when you walk against a wall, I'm sure Very Happy
When Love is in the issue… brain is not included but only heart’s which most of the time we did something stupid and didn’t think enough because on love we more use heart and it’s the most powerful than brain.
Love makes people more stupid not smarter. Love and emotions are not exactly rational or logical. So if you fall in love you don't gain a better understanding of facts and details but rather you concentrate on things that interest your opposite. I can honestly say that the people I know that is in a relationship is not smarter than before and worst is that they seem out of shape and rather overweight.
i dont think love makes you stupid. might makey ou do stupid things, maybe but ultimatley it makes you happy, and excited, perhaps even scared, but stupid i think not
Hmmm... love doesn't make you stupid, but if you are caught up in love all of the time, you will miss the chance to become "smarter" in other aspects of life. So I suppose you could say it makes you stupid, it depends how you look at it.
lrcandy wrote:
Can love make people smarter?I think a lot of people just become more and more stupid when they are falling love.It seems that all of their life are full of stupid love ,what they concern are their "prince" or "princess".they just lose themselves and devote all of their time to other people.

From my experience I know it makes a person more active/motivated, well, at least that's what it does to me! I like being in love because of that, it gives me energy Very Happy
I love the implication that it's "stupid" to devote more attention to the needs of someone else than to one's own interests. Love is love, I'd say.
It doesd 'sometime' make us do stupid things. Itr does not make us stupid but it does make us do stupid and weird things. Love can drive us to the point of forgetting who we are or our identity. It's make us vulnerable to attack from our heart and passion which make us do things without properly calculating the risk or embaressment it will bring to us
Love makes you smart because that is what life is about. If our precious computers were taken away and every stylish clothing store exploded along with cell phone towers going dud, oh and television ceased to'd really be wishing you had someone to spend your time with. Love only makes you do stupid things right now because there is so much material possessions to gain and we currently live in a world that promotes materialism and in turn this makes you worship the so called all mighty dollar. I say this but I'll admit that I really want a new car.......and some new threads. Oh and an iphone.
you're stupid for stating that. love is not a guranteed thing. it doesn't gurantee anything yet alone define if you are more stupid or smart. it depends on the person. if you connect on a strong level with that person, then it's all good. you will learn from each other. i understand that when you fall in love, some of your ambitions do go away and you think with your heart and not with your head. but i woulddn't give up love over more brain cells. I enjoy being in love and having s*x.
hmm, since iv been dating im sure my grades at college have really started to suck, ahh well, love is the most importantist thing ever.
Like someone before me already said, it sort of depends. Some people, when they are "in love" they feel safe and secure and stable and can focus more on work and etc. and can appear smarter....others are the total opposite. It just depends.
It all depends but my personal opinion is that love can’t make you smarter or more stupid – it can make you feel more secure, it can give you self confidence and motivation to do some thing you thought you couldn’t do. In that way, it can help you to be more successful – weather it’s your personal life or job.
lrcandy wrote:
Can love make people smarter?I think a lot of people just become more and more stupid when they are falling love.It seems that all of their life are full of stupid love ,what they concern are their "prince" or "princess".they just lose themselves and devote all of their time to other people.

Then what do you say about the scores of people who get married and do live happily ever after? They must becreating a really, really stupid world. Damn! Wink
don't think so. Love just made people do stupid things sometimes. But u do get smarter after a failure.
yes it is true that love make us more smarter...try to have some partner or love...and you'll find out...try it...
Very Happy I believe that love make everybady more smarter too Wink
raine dragon
it depends pn the type of love and the situation. Scientist already know that love and attention given to newborns aids in their development. I think adults too, when in love, and thus secure and happy, are much more likely to make 'good' choices.
Can love make you smarter? I think it can. People who are in a happy and secure relationship will be more confident than someone in a bad relationship, and such confidence will mean they will perform better, whether it be at school or work. Also, someone in a bad relationship may do stupid things to make themselves happier, and so they could be said to be stupid.

That said, someone who has been in a string of bad relationships will be more ‘tuned in’ to the reality of life, and one may say this makes them smarter than another person who hasn’t been through such events.

I think it all depends on your opinion on the meaning of ‘smarter’, whether you take the literal of metaphorical meaning.
yes, you are right, love makes people blind, and blind people are much easier to taken in, since they do not have access to some important information. Thus, people in love are definitely more stupid than to be cleverer. your conclusion is definitely right!
Sure ??????? I think it will make us more dumb and that is ever possible. Love also will make us blind and unaware to other situation or people

i thought love makes u do stupid things..
cant even think in general cos ur mind is filled with all the love in the world tt you can never imagine..
love definetely blinds you! lol

Yeah it makes your smarter in the fact that you dont go out anymore... alchohol consumption will drop by massive amounts (in most cases)

You also then loose a few points by moving to "flat land" which is where youll end up if you move in together... you sit around watching 100 million dvd's, friends become a thing of the past and when i say i dont ever plan to be in flat land, i probably will someday.

relationships p**s me off, well to be more precise, couples piss me off, there soooo.. u know what i mean! especially when they get to the engagement/marriage stage (where alot of my friends are at)

I have my share of relationships but i will not conform lol! which is probably why i cant stay in one! So anyhow my conclusion is.. they dont make you smarter or dumber, they just make you an unsociable twat (no offence to any blissful couples out there but u suck!) down with the valentine! LOL
Interesting topic.

I don't think love makes a person smarter or stupider, but FALLING IN love can make you do some really stupid/strange/crazy things.

For example, I pulled up stakes and hauled myself and all my worldly goods over 1000 miles to Las Cruces, New Mexico, of all unlikely places, on the spur of the moment. Without even thinking twice. Because my beloved was moving there. He's still with me ten years later, so whether or not I'm nuts is a debate best left to people who know us both, LOL!

Even though falling in love might make you ACT deliriously stupid, keeping a romantic relationship going PAST the breathless, starry-eyed phase is another story altogether. You have to be smart, and think about what you do and say or you'll get sick of each other. Or bored. Or take each other for granted. Or any of all the other things that cause people to wind up in therapy, someone else's bed, divorce court, or all of the above.

Of course, romantic love isn't the only kind. Being loved seems to make children and pets smarter.
Love can be blinding. You can lose sight of persons/things that have hitherto mattered to you. Some people are so "addicted" to their bf/gf that they try by all means to minimise his/her wrongdoings. yeah, i think love can make some people stupid. or maybe more romantically saying, love is forgiving. There is also a kind of love that fills you with confidence and a marvellous well-being. You may then see the world anew - more lively and at peace. It all depends on the people.
*Love* will not make any person smarter. So far from it in fact that it's not even funny. What'll hopefully learn ya though is when your heart gets ripped into pieces.. Evil or Very Mad
Love wont make you stupid you will just do irrational things and
I can only speak for myself. But yes, love definitely makes me smarter. Nothing better in life than to have someone whom you are in sync with in a special way. The feeling that comes from it is that I can conquer the world. Think there is a saying somewhere that love conquers everything. I really believe in that. When I am in a state of love I am far more tolerant of differences, things that usually irritate me become completely irrelevant to me. My whole perspective changes. I am also far more creative, all kinds of new ideas come to me. It certainly makes life much more meaningful and interesting. I also take better care of myself. On the negative side it can make me naive and less vigilant with logical consequences. But then that is an OK price to pay. Smile
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