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Tis the season to be EVUL

yes, it's that time of year again (here stateside that is) where normaly sane people
go absolutely apechit in retail stores across the nation. Consumerism has managed
to take a time supposedly set aside for practice of our 'good faith toward man', love
and peace on earth (ya know all that crap the hippies talk about, no offence to hippies
*ducks from organic tomatos they would no doubt throw at me*) and turned it into a
time of greed and chaos. CHAOS I TELL YOU CHAOS! Shocked

Seriously though, I saw an old lady straight run over a little kid to get to the
last pair of fuzzy slippers at Target. Okay wasn't a kid, it was me...but
still! it was evil. There's more passing and cutting off in lines to the check stand
than on three lane highways, Soccer moms are cussing more than Eddie Murphy,
and of course there's the stressed out, disgruntal, min. wage paid employees who
look like they'd rather cut off your head, boil your eyeballs, and eat them for dinner
than deal with your 'holiday shopping needs'...............

Xmas is evil.........EvOOOOL I tell you! Exclamation

One brite side there's always interesting people to watch like a bad cable reality show....
and some of the people you catch out n about are the kind you can tell never leave their
house expect this one time of year...(yeah I know some of you are hermits like that, heh,
I myself was at one time).......

But seriously, it is entertaining. Seeing the different things people buy is
always cool, I usualy do that at the store, and this time of year it's even more fun.
like when I see someone getting tinsil and a gallon of mayonase my imagination
runs wild.....xtremely wild. Wink then there's teh really weird check
this picture out of Brad Pitt's gift for Angelina Jollie:

Those two are gunna have a whole clan by the time they're done buying babbies.

speaking of babbies! The little kids really step up the fit throwing this time of year,
shouting "i want this for xmas! I want that! Oh wow! I wanna get that one!"
Sassin' their mama's, getting in the way of your cart, and putting their snotty,
germ cover little hands all over the merchandise. Sometime I wish people ate their young.....

"Scroo Ice cream! you expect that to make me feel better!!!???
I said I wanted a Superman 3 action figure! That is a
Superman 1 action figure!!! You stupid Beetch!!!!!!!"

yeah....I'd straight be keepin' my kids chained to a radiator in my basement
while I shopped. (If I had any, good for me and society that I do not)

Luckily I was able to get most my shopping done at my work (we get an AMAZING
discount) so it's going to be a merry XXX-mas for all. I am especially looking forward
to my dad opening the MILF Pr0nos I baught him, that and the giant vibe I got my sister Twisted Evil
Though I did have to visit other stores...and it was terrible....and I'm sooo not doing this
again next year. I got me a fool proof plan, I'm training my pets to do my shopping
for me! oh yes, it is BRILLIANT!!!!! Cool

I know, I know, I am a genius. please do hold back on your
utter awe and admiration of my geniusness...really, stop. Laughing

okay....I think I'm done ranting now.....

If any of you would like to express simillar disgust of the "holiday shopping season",
please feel free to do so....I always like to be reassured I'm not the only cynical
grinch like person alive. That or if you have some holliday horror storries of your own,
I'd definately like to hear those......or if nothing else just tell me about what you've
baught for other people (or yourself) this year so i don't have to stalk you at the store
to find out......seriously......I'll do it.

Or if you just want to respond and tell me what a basetord I am,
or how rude my opinions are that's always fun too.... (but for the record,
everything I say is for entertainment value only and I really don't want
to offend anyone with my uhhmm "off color" sense of hummor, so I do
appologize in advance) and of course I'd like to take this oportunity to
wish you all a very merry feckin Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!

that and I wanted to say happy birthday to jesus...
but his myspace says he's offline right now, so I
guess I'll have to wait on that one. Wink

take care people! happy hollidays!
okay, so I just realized this topic has been totaly done aleady (sorry I don't read ahead before I post) so I'm sorry for the redundance. to make it up to you all I will magically transform my post into
a totally new post! heck yez. This post will now be about:


heh...just kiddin'.....let's make it a showcase for interesting alternate versions of
traditional Xmas song...sound cool? I'll get the balls bouncng, errr, I mean rolling:

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
It's the breast time of the year!
Lotsa "elves",
With lovely shelves,
And red-furred white-trimmed rears!

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
And when you walk down the street
Say hello,
To girls who show,
Their reindeer-rumps so sweet!

Oh, ho!
Your missile-toe!
Hung where she can see!
Some hottie waits for you -
Kisses, from her knees!

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
Ev'ry Star Trek geek'll cheer -
"Oh my Scotty, beam me up a naughty Christmas, this year!"

(***sultry sleigh-bell interlewd***)

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
It's the breast time of the year!
The egg-nog
From your yule-log
Will fill her cup with cheer!

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
And when your girl trims your tree
Stand below,
Her ladder,
Her balsam fir you'll see!

Oh, ho!
Her Camel-Toe!
Wondrous woman's Vee!
Her stocking waits for you -
Stuff it, once for me!

Have a hottie naughty Christmas!
With a case or two of beer -
Get her blotty!
Have a hottie naughty
This year!


So this is Christmas
I thought there'd be more
I'm starting to wonder
What is Christmas for?
And so this is Christmas
I thought I'd have fun
But it's already over
Before it's even begun

A disappointing Christmas
And a crappy New Year
I hope next year's is better
But I don't really care

And so this is Christmas
It's not very long
All the rich and the poor ones
Have told me things that are wrong
A so happy Christmas
At least that's what I thought
Gave away all the presents
That I just had bought

A disappointing Christmas
And a crappy New Year
I hope next year's is better
But I don't really care

I like thsi one too but it's for grown ups only:
Well I sympathize with you...

But dont you think this should be in your blog than here?
no...i think it should be where ever I choose to put it...

this is the GENERAL CHAT area....

if you can't post off the wall stuff here where can you post it???

I'm getting really tired of post snobs......

that's what message boards are for.....writing whatever you feel like.....

I don't use blogs...if I wanted to blog I'd get myself a feckin' diary.

I wanted to post...and I did....and apparently it wasn't up to standard,

but see this is the part where you should ask me if I care....

though I'm sure you can guess the answer. Very Happy

merry xmas
merry christmas...

well that was what i thought and i thought i should just tell you my frank opinion, following it or not is your choice. If you dont care then no problem with me.
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