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My Demon Dog

A few months ago I got a puppy from Tennessee from a litter of five. He is half Jack Russel and half pug and he is the most demonic thing I have ever seen in my life. He eats our shoes, our cords, our food, our clothes, and everything in the house. He will sit there and chew on a toy for hours at a time. He even chewed through a tennis ball! He can be really sweet sometimes (like when he is tired) but he is 7 months old and in my eyes untrainable. He is mostly house trained and he knows "stay" and "no" but nothing else. Any suggestions? I've tried treats and punishments but nothing works. I tried spraying bitter yuck on all non edible things in our house, but it doesn't phase him. I need help! Sad Sad
It's possible that this dog just likes attention, one possible remedy could be to play with him more, or maybe even get another dog to keep him company. As for the chewing thing, just give him plenty of bones to chew, or maybe one of those tug-of-war toys, just don't pull too hard. The main goal is to keep him too busy to chew on other things in the house.
You need the help of the Dog Whisperer.
Your dog is bored!! He needs more excercise. But excercise isn't the only thing he needs, he also needs mental stimulation. Your not going to like this bit - your dog was not born demonic, it's what you have made him. Right now he is in charge and you have allowed that to happen. Your dog needed rules from the moment you got it. I've said this elsewhere, but I'll say it again, your dog needs you to be a strong leader, and you need to be that strong leader 24 hours a day. You need to sort out rules for your dog with other family members and you need to make sure everyone keeps to them.

I don't use normal taining methods with my dogs, I prefer to use dog psychology instead. I find this is much more effective. I establish myself as pack leader from the start, and work to keep this position. Now my husband, who sees my present dog as a cute little pet instead of a dog spoils her and is beneath her in the pecking order, which drives me crazy, but this is what he has allowed to happen, and I can't do anything to change it.

This is what I would do if I had your dog problems. I would start by giving him a long walk to tire him out. Dogs are easier to handle when they are tired. I would make sure I left the house first and I would keep him on a short lead and not let him walk in front of me. When we get home I would enter the house first. I will have already started to establish myself as leader. Everything in the house is mine, including his toys. He wants my shoe I claim it, I stand in front of it, if that doesn't work I put my foot on it, eventually he'll get fed up and I've won. I claim everything he wants in this way. Toys are given as a reward for good behaviour, but only for a short time. Affection is given on my terms, when he's behaving appropiately. He has to sit clamly and have my permission to eat. He is never fed titbits from my plate. I don't look at him or talk to him while I'm eating.

Dogs need security, they need discipline, they need both mind and body excercised. Tricks and agility are great ways to excercise the mind.

If you are consistent, your dog will accept change very quickly. He will try and push beyond the boundaries to begin with, just as a child will, but unlike a child, a dog will adapt very quickly. It's in his nature to.

[EDIT] I forgot to add that I use hand signs a lot. Dogs don't understand when we use loads of words so when I do use verbal commands I either make a sound or use just one or two words. I find my dogs mostly respond better to signs. I use the word "focus" when I want my dog to look at me. I think one very important thing to remember is to not set your dog up to fail. If he doesn't understand what your wanting from him, it leads to frustration on both sides and that's not fair on our dogs.[/EDIT]
haha... that's nothing... my cat is a demonic one... everyday i looked in the garden i saw mutilated pigeons... or any other birds... my cat started to hunt squirrels too...
And once my best friend came with his dog at my house and my cat gone crazy Smile) poor doggy(the dog was like 4 times bigger than the cat)
Demonic? Try our Staffie pup.

She has demolished the sofa, eaten the cushions from the armchair, chewed her way through most of the kids' toy cars, ripped their underpants to shreds, and pulled the stuffing out of 3 pillows and a duvet. She got behind the fire guard, dragged a bag of coal and a bag of kindling into the middle of the lounge and proceeded to eat the contents. There were bits of coal and shards of wood everywhere. Today she shredded the phone book and an Argos catalogue. I won't even say what she did to the bag of nappies!

She's not on her own long enough to get bored, so it's not that. She is just destructive - but I love her to bits Smile
She's not on her own long enough to get bored, so it's not that. She is just destructive -

No dog is just destructive. If it's not a neurological problem, which is rare anyway, it can be overome. It doesn't matter if she has someone home with her 24/7, she can still be bored. Her behaviour does seem to indicate boredom. All dogs need mental stimulation and physical exercise. If she is not getting enough of either of these she is going to find an outlet for all that energy. Most people under-estimate the amount of exercise their dog needs.

Her behaviour also indicates she has no respect for you. She destroys everything in the house because she is allowed to. You need to read my above reply.

Most people are surprised my Pommeranian is so well behaved and so friendly. I always explain that most small dogs are spoiled and finish up controlling their owner/s whereas I treat my dog like a dog. I love here to bits, and I want her to be happy and relaxed, that's why I don't spoil any of my dogs.
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